Newark, New Jersey

Newark is a city in the state of New Jersey and has a population of just over 277,000 people. This makes it the most populous city in the state and the 68th largest city in the United States. Newark is located just on the outside of the New York boarder and is only 8 miles from the city of  New York and the island of Manhattan. Newark's location on the Newark Bay near the Atlantic Ocean has allowed the city to become on the largest shipping hubs in the country.

The city was founded by Robert Treat and his fellow Puritans in 1666. They came to Newark to settle after they were forced out of New Haven by Charles I of England. The Puritans continued to rule the area until the mid 18th century. A man named Seth Boyden came to the area from Massachusetts and started to rapidly grow the city. He established a striving leather industry which eventually got railroads to be built in Newark. This rapid development continued until the end of World War II. After World War II much of the country was experiencing decline, but this decline was far more prevalent in Newark than most parts of the country. This decline continue until the 1980s, but Newark has responded well since then and has been able to overcome the decline.

Night view of skyline of Newark, New JerseyDue to the weather in Newark, it may be best to not travel to the city during the winter. The winter months in Newark are December, January and February. The average high temperatures during the winter will usually be between 38 and 41 °F. The low temperatures will also be well below freezing on most days, and snow fall is very prevalent during this time of the year. Newark experiences very mild spring and autumn seasons. The temperatures will struggle to reach above 80 °F.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Newark is the Newark Museum. The Newark Museum was established in 1909 and is the largest museum in New Jersey. The museum has an extensive collection of American art, but also features great art from throughout the world. A planetarium and science center are also located in the Newark Museum. The science section of the museum features over 70,000 different specimens.

Another great place to go to while in Newark is the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is a sports stadium in the city that is the home to the New Jersey Devils of the NHL and the New Jersey Nets of the NBA. It is a great place to see a game for any sports fan visiting the city.

Another great feature of the city is its proximity to New York City. Since Newark is only 8 mile from Manhattan, all of the great entertainment of New York can be experience through a short car or train ride. This gives anyone visiting the city an unlimited amount of places to experience. No matter where you go while in Newark, you are almost guaranteed to have a good time.


New Jersey, United States

No matter where Point “A” is located from the traveler’s view, in New Jersey, it’s always a great starting place to see one of the friendliest states on the eastern seaboard. New Jersey, known as the “Garden State” has over 130 miles of beaches and the world’s best boardwalks. From Sandy Hook to Victorian Cape May, few beaches in the United States compare to those in New Jersey. Stay a week or two in Barnegat, Long Beach Island, Belmar or the now famous “Jersey Shore” town of Seaside Heights and visitors find enough sun, sand, boardwalk restaurants and entertainment spots to delight their fancy. For day trippers, there are beach town museums full of oddities of the earliest days of New Jersey’s great shipping ports. Atlantic City has its casinos and famous boardwalk where salt water taffy, waffle ice cream sandwiches and a wax museum are famous features.

The “Other” New Jersey
New Jerseyans treasure their state parks for good reason. Many have pristine hiking trails along the northern and western borders of the state. Other state parks offer swimming in lakes or camp grounds for camping aficionados. Many of these state parks include an information center with a full calendar of programs the year round. This is where native Leni Lenape artifacts can be found among other treasures like precious prehistoric amber and bounty from shipwrecks off the coast.

Along the Raritan River, there are boat and sailing rentals available as well as several pleasure cruise ships that offer a full day aboard with meals and a cruise along the Raritan and New York Harbor. The other New Jersey is also the place where the inventor Thomas Edison spent his days working on the first light bulb among other inventions. In Camden, you can visit the state aquarium or visit the home of poet Walt Whitman. Another famous poet, Philip Freneau, is honored in the town of Matawan where he spent his days.

New Jersey and The Revolutionary War
Wherever you go in New Jersey, there are Revolutionary War sites. Cities like New Jersey’s capital, Trenton and Monmouth are virtual icons of Washington’s battles across this state. For an upscale view of New Jersey, Princeton is a “must-see” with its quaint shops and haute cuisine restaurants. There’s also the famous Englishtown Auction and Raceway Park not to be missed.