Nebraska, United States

One of the best things about United States is that it is so diverse and there are so many things to see. When you are planning your next vacation, why not swing through Nebraska? Whether it is to visit family, or just to go sightseeing, Nebraska offers a lot to see and do.

When you think about Nebraska, you probably think about corn, and college football. The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a storied football program and have a huge following in the state. If you are traveling to Nebraska anytime between September and the end of November, you should make a point to catch a game. Big 10 football is something you have to watch in person to truly appreciate.

Scottsbluff National Monument, NebraskaThe Sandhills area of western Nebraska offers some really neat views if you want to stop and take a look. Chimney Rock, Courthouse Rock and the Scottsbluff National Park all offer some amazing geological formations and are certainly worth taking a few pictures along the way. Other popular national parks in Nebraska include the Buffalo Bill Ranch Historic State Park, Fort Robinson State Park and Platte River State Park.

Nebraska is not just some flat state where nothing ever happens. Nebraska is home to many mass migrations including Cranes and other birds that will migrate to and from Nebraska in the spring and fall. If you are a nature lover, you are going to want to stick around and see this wonder of nature.

Did you know that there was a historic lighthouse in Nebraska? That’s right, a landlocked state is famous for having a lighthouse. The Lake Miniature Historic Lighthouse is known as the “Lighthouse Without A Light.” The Strategic Air and Space Center is also a popular place to visit while in Nebraska.

The next time that you are in Nebraska, you are sure to have a great time. There are so many things to see and do that you will certainly have to come back again. From great sports action, incredible views of nature and interesting sites to see in between, there is something for everyone in the state of Nebraska.