Montana, United States

Montana is a beautiful State in the Northwestern portion of the United States, Many extremes are experienced with its variations in climatic type, lay of the land and cultural backgrounds of its residents.

The western part of Montana is comprised of mountainous, snow-laden country, while the eastern portions encompass the plains, regions known as the badlands, occasional hills and isolated mountain peaks. To the west of the mountains, the weather is like that of the Pacific Northwest with milder winters and mostly rain. To the east, winters can be quite bitter and exceptionally snowy. All of these differences are seen occurring at the Continental Divide, the mountain peaks running north to south through the Rocky Mountains.

Montana range and mountains, United StatesMontana is noted for its many rivers and trout fishing. The rivers supply water and hydroelectric power to the State’s residents.

Montana is one of the truly beautiful States with all of its various attributes. Frequently, it is called Big Sky Country because of the magnificent views of billowing clouds, crystal clear starry-nights and skies that people feel they can reach up and touch. Vacationing in Montana is an experience of a lifetime; it is an experience that you do not want to miss.

Visitors to Montana will find many National Parks and sights to see that it will be difficult choosing which to see first, below you will find a list of some of the most popular parks and attractions that can be found throughout the state.

Mountain and Lake, Montana, United States• The Battle of Little Bighorn Monument.
• Glacier National Park.
• Yellowstone National Park.
• Lewis and Clark Trail.
• Caverns.
• Battlefields.
• Indian Reservations.
• Twenty National Wildlife Refuges.
• Ten National Forests.
• Many State Parks.

When you have finished seeing all the wonderful sites just listed, you can go through the National Bison Range for a great and adventurous experience. All of this and more can be seen in Montana.

There are beautiful, luxurious mountain retreats located in the Rockies. Whether you are planning on fishing, hunting, skiing or just sightseeing, these accommodations will take care of all of your needs. Big Sky Country is a friendly and hospitable place to vacation, and the owners of these alpine retreats make certain that they accommodate you with one of the best vacation experiences ever.

Numerous companies offer complete vacation packages in a variety of areas. Rental homes, condos and mountain chalets are all available for every vacationer’s desires and for those who wish to have hot tubs, decks and full kitchens in addition to the luxury of skiing down the mountain from outside of the resort.
Travelers will find that various motels are located throughout the State and offer a simpler and more reasonable style of accommodation. Days Inn, Motel 6, Super 8 and C’mon Inn in Billings have very reasonable rates.  There are also a  variety of Hotels that offer more moderately priced rooms.

Wherever you decide to locate for your stay in Montana, you will find many restaurants in the area. Fine dining, roadside cafés, mountain lodges with home-cooked meals as well as McDonald’s and Denny’s are available for every taste and budget.

Montana is definitely a ‘must see’ for any travel menu. You will experience things you have only dreamed about and some that go beyond your imagination when you vacation and spend time in Big Sky Country, USA.