Massachusetts, United States

Massachusetts is located in the northeastern portion of the United States and is situated in the New England states. It is a state rich in history. Massachusetts is the site of Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims came ashore on the Mayflower.

Massachusetts is an exciting and educational place to visit. There are so many fun things to do in the state, as there are theme parks, museums and historical sites to see.

The capital of the state is Boston, which is known for the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Tea Party and beans. The Boston tea party, in 1773, marked the beginning of the revolutionary war.

Annisquam Lighthouse Massachsetts United StatesThe fourth most visited tourist attraction in the United States is Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. More than 20 million people visit the site each year to travel back into time. There are more than 100 places to eat, drink and shop in the marketplace. Faneuil Hall was the site of many historical events, including an inspirational speech by Samuel Adams endorsing the freedom and liberty of Great Britain.

In Concord is the Concord Museum. Concord was the site of the battle that started the Revolutionary War. While visiting the museum, you can see artifacts, such as Paul Revere’s lantern. There are also many other objects from the War.

Massachusetts is known for its beautiful landscape, and Martha’s Vineyard is an area visited by many tourists. You can tour the site, or you can even stay there while on vacation. It is just gorgeous.

Hyannis is a town known for the Kennedys. In Hyannis, you can view the John F. Kennedy Museum and Memorial.

If you are a sports fan, you might want to take in a Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots came. Both teams are exciting to watch.

Massachusetts also has beautiful beaches. In Worcester, you can visit a breath-taking beach and even go on a whale watching excursion.

If you enjoy parks, you might want to take your family to Six Flag, which is the largest theme and waterpark in New England. There are more than 46 rides, and the Hurricane Harbor waterpark is connected and is included with the cost of admission.

Other attractions and sites in Massachusetts include the Boston Opera House, The Boston Center for Arts, Plymouth Rock or Harvard University. Massachusetts is a state that will make memories for your family that will last forever.