Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, largest city in the state of Illinois is not only the third most populous city in the United States but is also a thrilling city to visit. Located on the southwestern corner of Lake Michigan, the city has taken on nicknames such as "Chi-Town" and "Windy City" Having many flights to Chicago available, Travelers to this mid western city will find many varied experiences that will keep you busy and happy during your entire visit.

If you want to see an amazing overview of the city, go to the WILLIS TOWER SKYDECK. The Western Hemisphere's tallest building has The Ledge up 1,353 feet from the ground on the 103rd floor! Glass balconies extend outside the building 4.3 feet, and standing there is not for the faint of heart!

Downtown Chicago, IllinoisSHEDD AQUARIUM has been called the largest indoor aquarium in the world. When you are among the two million annual visitors, you will find over 8,000 aquatic animals of 1,500 species that have been relocated from all over the world. Over 25,000 fish include a permanent saltwater fish collection.

The LINCOLN PARK ZOO may be one of the oldest zoos in the United States, but, although established in 1868, it is also among the most modern with beautiful landscaping over its 35 acres. This zoo is also one of the last of America's zoos that has free admission. Open every day of the year, it features the world's best collection of chimpanzees and gorillas among its many animal exhibits. Included are tigers, polar bears, penguins, reptiles, and many more. There is a train ride and a carousel inside for the children and lots of tables and benches in the shade outside if you want to bring a picnic lunch or buy food from the vendors.

The NOBLE HORSE THEATRE is another animal experience, this one being a dinner performance with over 30 horses including Arabians and white stallions. The horses reside right here in a historic 1871 stable. Located in Old Town, this show is conveniently close to the Lincoln Park Zoo, museums, and other attractions you may be visiting. Open seating in padded chairs in a 300-seat air-conditioned setting makes it comfortable to watch this 60-75 minute show as the horses perform year round. After each show, you can feed apples and carrots to the horses or take a ride in the gypsy wagon or on a trick horse.

CHICAGO GHOST INVESTIGATIONS, available twice daily, takes you to investigate little known haunted locations. You explore the unseen with cameras, imagers, detectors, and sensors after being taught how to use this ghost hunting equipment. You will also learn a psychic technique to allow you to communicate with the spirits.

The AMAZING CHICAGO FUNHOUSE MAZE located on the Navy Pier is a stomping, twisting, spinning, and exhilarating experience for the whole family.

The above are just a few examples of the many fun times that can be had in the great city of Chicago.


Illinois, United States

Illinois is one of the most important states in the American Midwest, and contains the city that is arguably the region’s capital, Chicago. However, Illinois is more than the “Windy City”; instead, it contains a wealth of historical attractions that are sure to delight tourists of all ages.

The first European settlers in the area that eventually became Illinois were the French, who ceded this area to the British after war between those two countries in the mid-18th century. Illinois became part of the United States after the Revolutionary War after against the British, but was not formally admitted as a state until 1818.

A sure stop of any traveler to Illinois will be Chicago. As the third largest city in the United States after Los Angeles and New York City, Chicago combines much of the vitality of other huge cities with polite, friendly Midwestern charm. Chicago was founded in 1833, not long after Illinois became a state, and grew into one of the major cities in the country just decades later due to its proximity to shipping corridors and a robust economy that drew thousands of immigrants.

Today, Chicago’s tradition of strong immigrant communities continues, perhaps best expressed in its food culture. Chicago is widely considered one of the top U.S. cities for restaurants in the country, especially considering how affordable they often are. Additionally, Chicago’s urban architecture rivals New York’s, with Chicago’s Sears Tower edging out New York’s Empire State Building as the tallest building in the U.S. Chicago also has another exciting feature, albeit one found both in rival cities New York and Los Angeles – free city beaches!

Aside from Chicago, the two most notable tourist destinations in Illinois are probably its capital, Springfield, and the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. The main attractions in Springfield have to do with beloved U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. His official presidential library is in Springfield, as is his gravesite and restored home. The Cahokia Mounds were the site of one of the largest prehistoric cities in North America, and one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the U.S. Inhabited for approximately 700 years before Europeans arrived in Illinois, the Cahokia Mounds are an evocative reminder of the distant past of human civilization. With such a range of attractions to delight visitors to this Midwestern state, tourists to Illinois are always likely to have a great time there!