Future World, Epcot Center


One of the two sections of Epcot Center, Future World is a place where imagination becomes reality and tomorrow is as close as a breath away. Visitors explore how advancements in technology shape the world and allow humans reach out to the stars.

Future World is divided into eight attractions. The first stop for many visitors is Spaceship Earth, which is inside the park’s spherical icon near the Epcot entrance. The slow-paced ride lasts 16 minutes and takes patrons on a trip through space and time that is suitable for all ages. It even features interactive touch screens that let guests get a glimpse of what their future selves may look like.

Future World, Epcot Center, Walt Disney ResortOne of the hottest attractions at Epcot is the fast-paced Test Track Presented by Chevrolet. Get in the driver’s seat by creating a virtual car, and then test-drive it through a wild track. Guest can gun their vehicles up to 65 mph and produce original TV commercials for their designs.

Take a simulated hang-gliding flight over California at the Soarin’ attraction. Guests who want to fly even farther can blast off to the Mission: SPACE Pavilion. There, they board a motion simulation ride where they will train before embarking on a mission to Mars.

For a change of pace, the Land Pavilion keeps everyone’s feet on the ground with 6 acres to explore. Families can try a boat ride at Living with the Land, and then catch a fun film starring animated friends from The Lion King.

Head over to the Imagination Pavilion and take a tour through the sensory labs of the Imagination Institute with Figment, a purple dragon. Visitors of all ages can conduct music, play with lights and video, and watch a live digital imaging show.

Equipped with a gigantic aquarium, The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion is home to one of the world’s largest man-made oceanariums. The attractions star the characters from Finding Nemo. Guests can take a spin on The Seas with Nemo & Friends ride, chill out at the Turtle Talk with Crush show, and marvel at the Sea Base and Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium.

Find out how the future will be powered at the Universe of Energy. Alternative energy is the star at this pavilion. Solar panels cover the roof and power the vehicles for the multimedia Ellen’s Energy Adventure ride.


France Pavilion, Epcot Center


Epcot Center’s World Showcase provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the unique cultures and traditions of regions from across the globe. The France Pavilion at Epcot Center is easily one of the park’s most popular destinations, as the area catapults visitors to the quaint streets of Paris. Complete with shops selling authentic French wares, architectural details reminiscent of the City of Light, and a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the French Pavilion is enough to convince even the most discerning traveler that they have crossed the ocean and are visiting the streets of Paris.

France Pavilion, World Showcase, Epcot Center, Walt Disney World, FloridaCulinary Exploration: Foods in the Pavilion
The foods and culinary traditions of France are perhaps one of the country’s greatest sources of price. Epcot’s France Pavilion does not neglect this phenomenon, but instead presents visitors with multiple opportunities to savor the delicacies of the “cuisine française.” Epcot guests can sample the scrumptious baked goods found throughout France in the Boulangerie Patisserie, while the Bistro de France gives visitors the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of a modern cafe. Les Chefs de France is another option in the France Pavilion, serving a wide selection of entrees that are typical of dishes served in the various regions of France.

Enjoying the Parisian Atmosphere

Perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of a visit to the French Pavilion is how successfully Epcot has managed to replicate the ambiance of a Parisian neighborhood. Street performers dot the landscape, just as the artists do on the streets of the French capital. Of course, Disney fans will not be disappointed to discover that the area serves as a second home to popular characters such as Belle and the Beast. Other French characters also make appearances in the France Pavilion, adding to the overall draw of this dynamic destination.

For those who feel passionate about all that France has to offer, the France Pavilion as Epcot is perhaps one of the most authentic French experiences on this side of the Atlantic. From the delicious foods to the charm of the performers and characters, there is truly something for everyone in this area of Epcot. In addition to the authentic shops, restaurants, and decor, the French Pavilion also offers visitors the chance to watch “Impressions de France,” a film giving a visual tour of the many attractions of the nation.


World Showcase, Epcot Center

The World Showcase at Epcot Center is always one of the most enjoyable areas of the park to visit. The idea behind World Showcase is for visitors to get a general impression of all the countries that represented by pavilions at the attraction. The idea is not to give a literal, exact representation of the particular country. It is more an attempt to convey an impression or general idea of the spirit and culture of the country represented. There are 11 country pavilions for visitors to explore at World Showcase.

World Showcase Plaza

This grand plaza welcomes visitors as they enter World Showcase. The highlight of the area is a giant lagoon that has water taxis that slowly ferry people across the lagoon. In the center of the plaza is a very fun attraction, a series of fountains that visitor will especially appreciate on hot days. Visitors frolic and splash around the fountains all day, allowing themselves to enjoy a real spirit of fun.
World Showcase, Epcot Center, Walt Disney Resort
The best parts of the World Showcase are the individual pavilions that make up the park. Here are some of the pavilions that visitors often remark as particular highlights during their tours.


The highlight of this pavilion is a giant pyramid that is modeled after an Aztec temple where hundreds of human sacrifices occurred.


The focus here is on the Viking heritage with the pavilion being built to look like a medieval Viking town complete with a fortress.


Visitors will enjoy lots of impressive architecture that is modeled after the Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City in Beijing.


The French pavilion is a recreation of a Paris street view. It features a sidewalk café, fountains and beautiful French architecture. There is also a park where visitors will enjoy taking a moment to rest their tired legs.


This is one of the most diverse pavilions as there are parts celebrating all 16 of the states in the German Federation. There is lots of great food and shopping here.


This pavilion is a recreation of the famous St. Marks’s Square in the heart of Venice. The gondola rides are one of the highlights.

United States of America

Visitors will find the highlight of the home country pavilion to be the show called “Adventures in America.” It has a cast of hundreds and features many of the most famous figures in American History. It is educational and very entertaining.


Epcot Center, Walt Disney World Resort

Epcot Center is an amazing part of the overall Disney World Resort experience. There are two distinct areas at Epcot that have many fascinating exhibits, rides, and attractions. Future World focuses on technology, while World Showcase features the cuisine and culture of eleven different countries.

Future World
In Future World a guest will experience technology from the past, the present, and into the possibilities of the future. One of the highlights of Epcot is Spaceship Earth, the huge silver ball that is the signature of Epcot. Inside is a ride that takes visitors on a journey of man’s history and all the technological advances along the way. Children and adults will love Captain EO, which features Michael Jackson as the commander of a spaceship in a 4D movie experience. Mission Space is a thrill ride that offers two different levels, one with G force, the other without. This ride takes place in a mock-space capsule. In Test Track, a visitor can design his or her own car and then experience how the design stands up on the track. Soarin’ is a simulated ride in which guests sit in a hang glider that “flies” over California. These are but a few of the attractions to experience in Future World.Epcot Center, Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

World Showcase
Themed pavilions offer guests the opportunity to explore the unique culture of several countries. The countries showcased are France, Germany, China, Italy, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Within each country is a variety of restaurants, attractions, and stunning architecture. The following is a more detailed description of a few of these countries.

Finally, Illuminations, a massive nighttime event that includes lasers, fireworks, videos, fire, and phenomenal music, should be on any visitors list of must-see attractions.


Universal Studios Orlando

Orlando, Florida is the ultimate destination for theme park fun, catering to kids of all ages (and kids at heart!). For die-hard movie-goers and roller-coaster enthusiasts, you cannot get much closer to the fun than Universal Studios Orlando. From movie-themed rides to live stunt shows, the Universal parks go above and beyond your average theme park entertainment.

Universal Studios Orlando is comprised of two separate theme parks: Universal Orlando, and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Wet ‘n Wild water park. Universal Orlando brings you directly to the heart of the movies, with behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, thrilling rides, and special events year-round. The park is a real, working production studio, so you never know what you will find when you come for a visit. Experience Shrek in 4-D, ride through the sky with E.T., or come face-to-face with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. Finding a show for any age group is easy at Universal Studios Florida. Toddlers and preschoolers will love singing along with Barney & Friends, while Terminator 2: 3-D will entertain older children and adults.Universal Studios Entrance in Orlando, Florida

Universal’s Islands of Adventure is a theme park unlike any other. Join your favorite superheroes at Marvel Super Hero Island, play around in Toon Lagoon, or make your way through Seuss Landing, based on the books of Dr. Seuss. Enjoy a special effects display at Poseidon’s Fury. For true aspiring students of Hogwarts, Islands of Adventure is the only place where you will find The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Visitors to Central Florida visiting universal Studios will find a great place to cool off right next door, Wet ‘n Wild has a little bit of something for everyone. Thrilling water rides like The Black Hole: The Next Generation and Brain Wash will take adventurous park goers on watery journeys full of excitement. For the youngest water enthusiasts, Blastaway Beach is the perfect place to hang out. Made especially for kids, this park has 15 water slides and a 60-foot sand castle.

Universal Studios Orlando is more than just movie rides and thrilling acrobatic displays. Fun lies around every corner without even having to set foot into the parks. Universal City Walk has restaurants and entertainment ranging from Hard Rock Cafe to Blue Man Group. No matter your age or interest, there is sure to be something for you at Universal Orlando.


Sea World, Florida


Located in the city of Orlando, Florida’s Sea World theme park is a fun place for the whole family. Featuring rides, shows and plenty of aquatic wildlife, Sea World Orlando is a prime vacation destination for adults and children of all ages. Due to its location in one of the most well-developed cities in the entire state of Florida, there are plenty of places to stay and other things to do, as well.

The main draw to Sea World Orlando has to be the animals. The park is home to Beluga whales, penguins, dolphins, flamingos, manatees, seals, sea lions and more. Visitors can get up close and personal with a shark before heading over to check out playful otters swimming in the water, polar bears chilling on the rocks and colorful parrots sitting in the trees. And, of course, Sea World Orlando is famously home to killer whales that are arguably one of the biggest attractions of all.Aerial view of the SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida

Then you have the shows, many of which feature the highly trained animals that make the park their home. All shows are family friendly, and range from incredibly funny to thought provoking times where visitors learn about ecology and animal preservation. Sea lions Clyde and Seamore are among the main stars of several shows, much to the delight of audiences. Sesame Street characters also make regular appearances, and special shows are planned during Christmas, Halloween and other holiday seasons. The show put on regularly by Shamu, the park’s most famous killer whale, and his Orca friends is by far the most popular with almost all visitors.

In addition to the animals and shows, visitors may board different rides for an entirely different park experience. Ride everything from the Journey to Atlantis or the Manta, which feature a soaking splash of water, to the Kraken, a thrilling roller coaster that takes its passengers on twists and turns at top speeds. Rides and games for children are also available in Shamu’s Happy Harbor.

Once your time at the park is complete, venture out into Orlando for even more fun and recreation at Discovery Cove, Universal’s Island of Adventure or even Disney World. You can also choose to make a short trip to Kissimmee and visit award-winning museums and restaurants, or simply explore the communities of St. Cloud, Winter Park or Mount Dora and see what adventure Central Florida has to share with you and your family.


Walt Disney World, Florida


Walt Disney World, Florida is widely considered by many people to be the best theme park in the world. Located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, just outside of Orlando, Walt Disney World is the flagship theme park of the many amazing Disney theme parks found around the world. Walt Disney World is a theme park that has something to offer to people of all ages. Parents will enjoy it just as much as their kids do. Take a look at everything this magical theme park has to offer its visitors. There are five main areas for visitors to enjoy at Walt Disney World.

Cinderella's Castle, Walt Disney World, FloridaThe Magic Kingdom

This is the oldest part of Walt Disney World. It is modeled on Disneyland in California. The Magic Kingdom is the most popular part of Walt Disney World. With more than 17 million people passing through its gates every year, The Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park in the world. This is the place that is full of Disney characters and rides, and it is the most exciting area for kids visiting Walt Disney World.

Epcot Center

This area is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. There are 11 different pavilions that each feature cultural attractions from a specific country. Future World is the area of Epcot Center that showcases the technology of the future.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is one of the most popular areas of Walt Disney World. There are lots of rides and attractions based on Disney films. This includes popular attractions of movie studios that Disney has purchased, such as Lucasfilm, which holds the rights to Star Wars, and Pixar, which has produced the most popular animated films of the last few decades.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is one of the more interesting areas of the park and is wildly popular with visitors. It is sort of a crossover between a zoo and a traditional theme park. There are lots of animal-themed rides for visitors to enjoy. There are also many animal enclosures where visitors can take a close look at exotic wildlife attractions.

Downtown Disney

This is the area of the park where adults can get away from the kid-themed entertainment for a while. There is a section of Downtown Disney called Pleasure Island, where there are lots of night clubs, bars and restaurants that cater to a more mature crowd. This is the area of the park where all the nightlife is.


Golf Courses in Kissimme Florida

Many visitors come to Kissimmee, Florida each year because of the wonderful weather the area is famous for. Still others travel to Kissimmee due to its proximity to Florida’s many amusement parks. One of the other main reasons travelers come to Kissimmee though is because of the wide variety of golf courses that can be found in this beautiful area. There are a number of Golf Courses in Kissimmee for every golfer, from the golfer just starting out, to the more seasoned pro. Three great golf courses for travelers to visit in Kissimmee are the Falcon’s Fire Golf Club, Kissimmee Golf Club and the Walt Disney World Golf Complex-Lake Buena Vista Course.Golfing in Florida

One great golf course to check out while on a trip to Kissimmee is Falcon’s Fire Golf Club. Falcon’s Fire Golf Club is considered one of the best public golf courses in the Orlando, Florida area. The club was designed by Rees Jones and features beautiful and stimulating holes. In addition, this golf course is conveniently located close by to many of the areas hotels and other attractions.

Another great golf course that visitors will want to be sure to visit while in Kissimmee is the Kissimmee Golf Club. This public golf course is located close to Disney World and is a great place for parents to visit and shoot a few holes at in between trips to the park. The Kissimmee Golf Club is famous for its course difficulty and also for the beautiful, classic FL scenery that can be viewed while golfing this courses 18 holes. Additionally this club offers Junior Golf Programs for younger golfers to take advantage of while on their vacation in FL.

A not to be missed golf course in Kissimmee is the Walt Disney World Golf Complex-Lake Buena Vista Course. This course is known throughout the world and has played host to a number of PGA Tour events. The location has also received 4 stars from Golf Digest, making it a truly challenging course even for experienced golfers. This golf course also is special because it is located within the Disney World Resort complex making it a fabulous destination for those staying within the park.

Kissimmee, Florida is truly one of the great golf destinations in the state of FL. There are a number of beautiful courses, both public and private, that offer golfing fun for golfers of all experience levels.


Kissimmee, Florida

Kissimmee, Florida is located in Central Florida and is on Orlando’s doorstep, being 20 miles south of Orlando, and is an attractive home base when visiting Disney World, as well as other attractions in the central Florida area. Kissimmee is one of the largest towns in Florida and is home to almost every type of restaurant, attraction and shop.

Welcome to Kissimmee, FloridaKissimmee, formerly known as Allandale, was incorporated in 1883 by a 3 to 33 vote of what would be called the Town Council today. The territory was first settled by Major J. H. Allan, a former confederate soldier, who was also a riverboat captain. Major Allan’s boat, the Mary Belle, was the first cargo steamboat on the Kissimmee River.

The population of Kissimmee is 59,682 people, made up of 17,130 households and 11,800 families. The city is a total of 17.32 square miles with 16.7 square miles being land and 0.6 square miles being water. The downtown area of Kissimmee is located along US Highways 192 and 441 and situated on the northwest shore of Lake Tohopekaliga.

Kissimmee is accessed by Amtrak, Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Greyhound bus and local bus service is provided by Lynx. Orlando International Airport is 15 minutes by car from Kissimmee. The city is also traversed by Osceola Parkway, Florida Turnpike and US Route 192, as well as US Route 17/92, US Route 441 and State Route 423.

Sports fans will find Kissimmee inviting with the presence of the Houston Astros spring training camp, the Osceola County Softball Complex, Austin Tindall Regional Park, all of which hosts numerous baseball, softball and soccer tournament and championship events.
Kissimmee is an action packed city with family friendly activities including more than 70 attractions and 600 restaurants.

Old Town Kissimme, FloridaHistory buffs will love the museums and a stroll through the historic downtown. Nature lovers will find an airboat ride through the swamps educational, and no visit to Florida is complete without a visit to Gatorland, and an up close and personal meet and greet with Florida’s most famous cold blooded residents. Golfing fans will enjoy the many golf courses that will challenge duffers of every skill level.

Travelers will find many deals in the Kissimmee area, For those that long for the good old days will find a trip to Old Shopping Town an adventure in spending, especially at the Old Town General Store and when shopping is done, there are 15 amusement park rides to fulfill the visitor’s adventurous side.

Vacationers planning a trip to Kissimmee will have has numerous discounts available, a wide selection of accommodations at a number of national motels and hotels, vacation homes and condos, suites and villas and time shares and campgrounds for a total of 45,000 accommodations that will fit almost any budget and desire.


Mount Dora, Florida

Located in Central Florida's Lake County, Mount Dora, Florida is a picturesque village situated on the hills overlooking Lake Dora. Officially named Mount Dora in 1883 after local resident Dora Ann Drawdy, the town is gently perched 184 feet above sea level. Well known and loved for its hometown ambience and historical details, Mount Dora welcomes guests with southern hospitality and an exceptional variety of activities, shops, restaurants and entertainment. In addition to driving, the town is easily navigated by foot, trolley or even a Segway. This engaging town of approximately 12,000 residents captures the epitome of small town charm while being a short drive from numerous attractions available in Orlando.

Lake Dora Light House, Mount Dora, Florida By Nathan SeaburyVisitors to Mount Dora will have ample opportunity to explore the many shops and boutiques that specialize in antiques, home decor, clothing, jewelry and fine wine. Art enthusiasts will enjoy discovering the town's inspiring collection of artwork and galleries. Also known for its fine cuisine, Mount Dora features a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and tea rooms that provide the perfect place to relax while enjoying a number of culinary delicacies. With exceptional attention to detail, Mount Dora is home to a variety of historical inns, cottages and bed and breakfasts noted for their comfort, warmth and charm.

Mount Dora offers a wide variety of activities for their guests to experience. With its mild year-round climate, outdoor activities such as fishing for black crappie or largemouth bass, kayaking past the town's historic lighthouse and hiking and biking amongst the region's scenic nature trails are ideal for taking in the picturesque beauty of this stunning location. Weekly and monthly events are held throughout the year as well as numerous annual festivals that include: the Mount Dora Plant and Garden Fair, the Mount Dora Spring Show, the Blues and Wine Festival and the Fall Craft Fair. Scenic Boat Tours, Speed Boat Tours and River Boat Cruises provide an extraordinary experience for taking in the grandeur of this scenic region, and the Mount Dora Lunch and Dinner Train offers an exceptional ride throughout Florida's countryside. For an up-close look at nature, outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy exploring the many state parks and gardens found throughout this exceptional region.