Marathon, Florida

Situated in the beautiful Florida Keys, Marathon, Florida is a tropical paradise with much to offer visitors. From elegant beaches abutting turquoise waters to fascinating museums, this town is the perfect spot for vacationers looking for leisure, adventure and serenity all in one place. With so much to see and do, this charming town is the gem of the Florida Keys and the ideal place for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Marathon is renowned for its gorgeous, golden beaches and warm waters. Its most famous beach, Sombrero Beach, is renowned for its stunning views and leisurely atmosphere. The celebrated beaches of Marathon offer the perfect places for swimming, boating, fishing, water sports, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving and plenty of other recreational and leisure activities. Just strolling along the town’s beaches offers an enticing blend of romance and natural beauty. Marathon’s sunrises and sunsets along its beaches are nothing short of astounding as well.

Little Duck Key - Beach, Marathon, FloridaThe town’s world-class beaches may be its biggest draw, but Marathon still has plenty more to see and do. A top attraction that’s both fun and fascinating for visitors of all ages is the Crane Point Museum, an interesting museum and nature preserve that offers a fascinating look at the local flora and fauna of the Florida Keys. Another interesting attraction is the Turtle Hospital, a wildlife hospital that offers educational tours that allow visitors to learn more about the region’s turtles and other marine species. Nearby, the Dolphin Research Center is another great location to learn about the local wildlife of the Florida Keys. The town is also packed with great campgrounds such as Knight’s Key Campground and the Key RV Park. Marathon also boasts a wide array of fine shops, seafood restaurants, galleries and boutiques to explore.

With its blend of tropical scenery, beautiful beaches and fascinating local attractions, Marathon never disappoints. No matter where you stay or what you plan to do, you’re sure to have a memorable time. From fishing to swimming to dining on some of the freshest local seafood available, Marathon is a world-class travel destination and one of the most beautiful and unique places in the Florida Keys.


Islamorada, Florida

Spanish explorers dubbed this island, "Islamorada," or purple island, for the colors of the flowers and the sky at sunset. Jump a few centuries to 1907 when William Krome established the townsite. It wasn't until 1998 that it was incorporated by the state legislature as "Islamorada, Village of Islands." It has a population of about 6100.

Located in the Florida Keys, Six islands make up Islamorada, Florida but the village is on Upper Matecumbe Key. Tourism is the obvious basis of its economy, especially the sport fishing aspect. It is accurately hailed as the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World." Sitting almost midway between Miami and Key West, it is not only a good stopping place, but a great destination.
Sunset Islamorada, Florida Keys
There are more things to do in this small Florida village and its surrounds than in the whole of some states. The water sports include kiteboarding, stand-up paddling, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming and the inevitable parasailing.

Ecotours are easy to find at marinas, parks and resorts. A powerboat tour will visit areas that have coral formations, dolphins, tropical fish, crocodiles, manatees and exotic birds. Kayak and canoe tours are good alternatives and travel through sea-grass beds and shallow tidal flats.

This place is serious about sport fishing. Some restaurants will cook up a visitor's catch for dinner. Mahi mahi and snapper are good food fish. Catch and release fish are large sailfish, tarpon and swordfish, among others.

Islamorada Founders Park is 40 acres of fun. Boredom is not an option with an Olympic-sized pool and diving boards. There are ball fields and water sport rentals along with a fishing jetty, basketball, tennis, bocce, a skate park, a multi-purpose path, and a dog park. There is also a shallow-water beach and a vita course with 18 exercise stations. It's exhausting to think about.

The Marine Mammal Park, called Theater of the Sea, is an in-the-water family activity. Swim with dolphins, sting rays and sea lions in natural salt-water lagoons that are 10-15 feet deep. There are also shows with parrots and shows with dolphins and sea lions and a bottomless boat ride.

The tropical climate is conducive to doing everything outdoors, including eating and drinking. Water-side dining and drinking are plentiful. Some restaurants can be reached by boat if guests just can't tear themselves away from the water. Ocean-front dining is upscale and not inexpensive. Land-based dining is available in many different cuisines.
Islamorada is for tourists.


Key Largo, Florida

Key Largo, Florida, is the mecca for divers looking for adventure off the shores of the United States. The largest of the famous Florida Keys at 33 miles long, Key Largo is the go-to place for fun in the sun, surf and sand. Arts and culture are also a big part of the experience of Key Largo, making it a well-rounded place for a family vacation.


The island of Key Largo is found between two national parks: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and Everglades National Park. It the John Pennekamp state park that people flock to for underwater diving experiences along the only living barrier coral reef in the United States. In fact, the entire island is made of fossilized coral reef. Just over 10,000 people call Key Largo home, though thousands more tourists can be found there during peak vacation months in the spring and summer.
John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo Florida
With its tropical climate virtually guaranteeing warm, sunny days and pleasant nights, Key Largo is a great destination for water sports. In addition to diving, Key Largo offers numerous outlets for boating, swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, parasailing and more. Many travelers choose to venture into the everglades for guided tours and discussions about ecology and preserving the wildlife found there, while still more go on dolphin encounters.

There are also many indoor activities to take part in while at Key Largo. In fact, a film starring Humphrey Bogart, aptly titled "Key Largo," was set there in the 1940s. The area remains a center for the arts and culture today, with dozens of museums and art galleries. View sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and more from some of the top artists in the area as well as from across the country. Festivals featuring local artisans are frequently held at Key Largo, so planning a trip to coincide with such events is an added bonus.

With so many things to do in Key Largo it is no wonder the island just south of Florida's coastline is such a hot vacation spot for families, singles and couples. Plan a trip today and see everything this oasis in the Florida Keys has to offer.



Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida is located in Monroe County, Florida. This beautiful, tropical city can be reached by boat or bridge just 129 miles from the city of Miami. Key West is also located just 109 miles north of Havana, Cuba. Whether you are choosing to visit Key West, Florida for the beautiful beaches, water sports or cruise ships, there are many things to see and do here that all visitors will enjoy. Those traveling to the area may opt to fly into Key West International Airport. Lodging accommodations, dining and shopping are available all throughout the island.

In 1521, the explorer known as Juan Ponce de León was the first European to visit the area. Key West was first inhabited by the Spanish and still upholds major cultural Spanish sites today. After Great Britain took control over of Florida in 1763, the Spanish and Native American residents were moved to Havana, Cuba. Today, Key West is inhabited by a number of individuals of different cultures, making this city a truly blended area.
Sunset Key West Florida
Key West, Florida is also known as a major military area. Home to the Key West Naval Air Station, Key West is also known to some as Gibraltar of the West. At NAS Key West, the Navy trains their pilots and has a recent active duty personnel of around 1,650. The Trumbo Annex is a docking station that is currently used by the United States Coast Guard. Because this city is located in a convenient area where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico, military presence continues to be a major part of Key West.

Key West is a major travel destination for visitors from all over the world. Because Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, it is the ideal place to visit during nearly any time of the year. Here you can enjoy warm weather and beautiful ocean water. With the lowest average temperature of 70 degrees in mid-January, there is no wrong time to visit Key West. Hurricanes also very rarely hit the area. The rainiest months of the year are August and September, averaging at about 15 inches each month.

The Old Town of Key West, also known as the Key West Historic District, provides a wide variety of things for visitors to see and do. Major tourist attractions in the Old Town include Mallory Street Square, Fort Zachary Taylor and Duval Street.


Florida Keys

Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, The Southernmost of Florida Coastal Regions is the Florida Keys, a coral archipelago that stretches from the tip of the Florida peninsula to Key West. Connected by a series of bridges and causeways, driving from one key to the other is a panoramic view of sparkling waters and swaying palm trees. The Florida Keys are a beachgoers paradise enhanced with historic landmarks, seafaring villages and plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun in the sun-kissed skies.

Turquoise Blue Waters, Florida KeysKey Largo is at the top of the keys and has many major attractions. At Spiegel Grove, divers can take a tour of the largest Navy shipwreck. The ship was sunk to create an artificial reef, and its starboard rests in 130 feet of water. The site is also known for its spectacular views of marine life, including nurse sharks and stingrays. The Everglades National Park is a haven of natural wonders with bobcats, alligators, deer and birds. Visitors can take guided tours, canoe, fish or camp on the grounds. At Jacobs Aquatic Center, there are a variety of pools with an interactive play pool that has a pirate ship and beachfront entry. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is one of Florida’s most fascinating natural parks. This impressive park includes the Coral Reef Theater which is a reconstruction of a living reef in a 35,000 gallon aquarium. Guests at the park can snorkel, dive, kayak, canoe or take a ride on a glass-bottom boat.

Key West has panache of its own with real estate titles dating back to the Kings of Spain. Just strolling the downtown streets with palm-line walkways, tin-roofed conch houses and gingerbread mansions is a step back in time. Visitors can tour the famed John Audubon House and Ernest Hemingway’s home. The Bahama Village neighborhood in Key West features a wide array of historic churches, annual festivals and indigenous food. One of the area’s most significant cultural sites is the 1860 African Burial Ground. The ground is located right next to a civil war fort. There are watersports galore in Key West. At the harbor district, tourists can go parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and jet skiing.

Islamorada is the fishing capital of the nation. Anglers can easily catch redfish, tarpon, permit, bonefish and snook in just inches of water. The History of Diving Museum is ideal for divers and snorkelers. Music lovers will enjoy the shows at Founder’s Park and the Theatre of the Sea Marine Mammal Park offers opportunities to swim with dolphin.

The Florida Keys are a great destination for both relaxation and outdoor fun.