Morelos State, Mexico

Morelos is the second-smallest state in Mexico. It encompasses 1,820 square miles. Over 1.6 million people call the state home. Many of the state's residents raise sugar cane and several other crops. The economy in the state is based largely on agriculture, tourism and urban growth.

Located only 45 minutes from Mexico City, Cuernavaca the capital city of Morales, is known around the world as "The City of Eternal Spring." Yearly weather in the area remains approximately 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The region's mild year round climate draws many people who opt to have summer homes in the area. Others visit Morelos for a laid-back weekend trip. The city is located approximately one mile up in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Founded over seven centuries ago, Cueranavaca is a thriving hub of intellect; it is home to seven universities, scientific institutes and over a hundred various industries. As of publication, Cuernavaca plays host as the primary residence of many retired diplomats, government officials and business executives.

Cuernavaca Plaza, Morelos, MexicoTourists who flock to Cuernavaca often explore the ruins of the Teopanzolco Archaeological Site. The main attraction is a large monolith type temple that dates back to the Pre-Hispanic Tlahuica era. Several smaller ruins also encircle the grounds. There is also an onsight museum that depicts the regions history. Visitors are allowed to walk freely around the site. As of publication, the ruins open to tourists Monday thru Sunday.

The gardens of the Ethno-botanic Garden and Traditional Medicine Museum draw tourists. Located in Cuernavaca, the site is home to numerous native medicinal plants. It is open Monday thru Sunday.

Amanalco Ravines offers walking trails that winds into a ravine. The City Council of Cuernavaca
officially acknowledged the trail as a tourist walk.

Outside Cuernavaca, tourists can explore the ruins of several sugar mills. The region makes an ideal central geographic point.

Cuautla is the second largest city in Morelos. It has numerous sulfur-smelling bath houses. The city sits on the shore of a lake that offers ample watersport adventures.

Tourists visiting Morelos often use the area as a starting point to explore nearby attractions and landmarks. Hacienda de Temixco, a bath resort, sits only minutes from the are and offers visitors the chance to soak in five swimming pools. Visitors will also find ample restaurants, nightclubs and shops throughout the area. Numerous hotels in the state have been converted into picturesque places to stay.