Saskatchwan, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada is often referred to as The Land of Living Skies. This prairie land, a province of Canada has long been drawing travelers, with its mystic beauty. Boarding Alberta, Manitoba and the United States states of Montana and North Dakota, this area is well known for the picturesque scenery.

Over 1,053,960 people call this area home. The major cities located in this province are Swift Current, North Battleford, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and Saskatoon. This area was named for the Saskatchewan River. Though this area is not close to any major body of water, there are plenty of lakes and streams to fish in.

A major attraction in the Regina area is the Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building. This architectural structure is phenomenal. During construction marble was brought in from all over the world, 34 types to be exact. Its cost of over 3 million to build back in 1919, imagine what it would cost to build today?

Wascana Centre is the perfect park for the family to spend the day. This park is over 2,300 acres, so you will not have to worry about overcrowding. You can fish in the park on Wascana Lake. Swimming, tubing and other activities are also beloved past times. If you are not a water person, you can picnic and play a game of football or children can play on the playgrounds. Because of its warm summer climate, this area attracts a lot of travelers during the summer months.

If you have always wanted to go to the Dead Sea but can’t afford the trip, you are in luck. This area has the Little Manitou Lake. It has 13 times more salt content than that of the Dead Sea. You can float weightlessly for hours and catch a few rays of sun. This popular tourist attraction is known for the healing properties that come from the salt content, in the water.

If the criminal justice system is a fascination of yours, then you will not want to miss the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training center. This area is a special because it also has a museum. You can spend the day touring the grounds, observing the trainees and watching the Sunset Ceremony. If you have ever wanted to see the Canadian Police in their humble beginnings, this is the place.

Perhaps the greatest site of all in Saskatchewan is observed, by simply looking upward. The cloud formations and brilliantly bright skies make this area breathtaking. Everything from storms to sunrise/sunsets can be fabulous year round. Sometimes we don’t have to spend money to make wonderful memories. Possibly spreading a blanket and watching the beautiful skies over Saskatchewan would be worth the trip itself.