New Brunswick, Canada

Canada is easily one of the most diverse and beautiful places to visit in the world. If you are visiting from out of the country, New Brunswick is definitely one of the best places to tour. Between its natural landscape, rich history and wonderful modern culture, there is a lot to be seen and done in this Canadian province. It is one of Canada’s three maritime provinces and is the only province that is constitutionally bilingual in Canada, in the sense that they speak both French and English. The majority of the population speaks English, however. The name of the Province is derived from a French and English transcription of the city Brunswick in Northern Germany.

The climate of New Brunswick is primarily set in patterns by the ocean that it borders. In many ways it is a mirror of colonial America, sharing much of the same trees, geography and rich history. It is in possession of many vast and beautiful rivers that flow throughout the region, providing great opportunities for boaters and photographers. Although Brunswick is near the Atlantic Ocean, it is heavily sheltered from the ocean-induced weather, therefore giving it a slightly drier climate than a town that would sit directly on the shores of the sea. The region is famous for the huge Appalachian Mountain Range that dominates the skyline in one direction.

The people who originally inhabited the area that is now New Brunswick were the First Nations, a confederation of three Indian tribes. The first known exploration of the region was recorded by famed explorer Jacques Cartier, who claimed the territory as France’s in 16th century. Although it was considered French territory for many years, after the French and Indian War of the 1800s, it fell under British control. New Brunswick eventually entered the Canadian Confederation and it is still a Canadian territory to this day.

New Brunswick has been popularly separated into five scenic drives, all which are very beautiful: Appalachian Range Route, Miramichi River Route, River Valley Scenic Drive, Acadian Coastal Drive and the Fundy Coastal Drive. The Acadian Historical Village is famous for featuring the descendants of the Acadians, who tell the story of ‘le grand derangement,’ or the British attempt to rid New Brunswick of its French inhabitants.You can explore the ocean at the Hopewell Rocks, or visit a historical village at King’s Landing. King’s Landing was a refuge for those who were fleeing the American Revolution and immigrating from Ireland.

Kinsbrae Garden is a lovely experience. You can enjoy a serene, beautiful garden and stroll into a quaint cafe. Fundy Trail Parkway will take you into the Fundy Bay, providing some great seaside exploration – and education for the younger ones! Grand Manan Island is a peaceful place to lounge, doing everything from swimming to enjoying a wonderful nightlife scene. Also, be sure to check out Roosevelt’s Campobello International Park, which is preserved by both the United States and Canadian governments. There is so much to see and do here.