Jerez, Spain

People often dream of traveling across the world to visit exotic places and to explore ancient destinations such as the tropical islands of Bali, the lush waters of the Caribbean, or historical Aztec ruins in Mexico. There are many places in our world today, which fit this description of adventure, but oftentimes, we overlook places that are not as well traveled as these destinations…Places such as Jerez, Spain.

Jerez Cathedral in Andalusia, SpainCentered in western Andalusia, Spain; Jerez is located between mountains and seas, making it grandeur with different scenic adventures. It lies only fifteen minutes away from the beach, and the city enjoys over 3,000 hours of sunlight a year with mild winters and humid summers. With this type of climate, you can enjoy year-round pleasure and find plenty of cheap holidays in Spain in this wonderful paradise of Jerez during anytime of the year.

The city offers a variety of tourist attractions for the experienced and inexperienced traveler alike. The traditional bullfight, beach sports, wine sampling, and horse back riding are among the many activities in which you can enjoy.
Some of the most well-known attractions are Barcelona, Moto6 Speed Track, and one of the best zoological collections in the world. If you are an animal lover, Jerez has a popular show that is sure to captivate your attention. It is called the “Real Escuela Andalusia de Arte Ecuestre” and here you will experience the dancing Andalusia horses that actually dance before your eyes in an ancient arena set to traditional music. This is a must-see for a first time or a returning tourist.

Rich in nature, there are numerous parks and gardens, orange trees, and beautiful countryside estates, which can make for wonderful, exciting excursions. Cathedrals and castles litter the landscape bringing the culture and rich history to life. The uniqueness of ancient temples is evident as their ruins still stand today. Visiting these historical sites can allow you to step back in time and experience a lifetime past.

Jerez is known as the “Sherry Capital of the World” and is known for their brandy, sherry, and rich varieties of wine products. The culture is wrapped in early traditions, including ancient temples dedicated to the production of wine. Thus, wineries are common and are a popular tourist attraction here. Storefronts often give its customers-free samples, and they offer guided tours through their wine sellers daily.

The city’s food is a mixture of local produce, fresh fish from the sea, and is prepared with their area wines. These cuisines can be found at the best hotels, restaurants, grill houses, seafood restaurants, and food stalls. Each variety can have your hunger so satisfied you can’t wait for another meal.

The city of Jerez is still a mystery today as it was back in the Roman times because where it has originated is not completely known. However, it has successfully developed into a paradise of history, culture, and heritage. The diverse attractions, cultures and traditions make Jerez a captivating retreat for the adventure seeker. It offers a chance to learn from a different kind of culture, and experience a world that has survived through history. It has encountered countless attacks and fires only to submerge in victory and become the fascinating, beautiful place it is today.  If you are looking for culture, tradition, and excitement that can’t be found any other place in the world, then visit this unique city.

Jerez, is a destination which offers as much excitement, beauty, and ethnicity as you could ever desire in a European adventure. It is the essence of a perfect vacation with an ancient historical significance that will keep your imagination soaring. This place can offer you a peaceful oasis and the excitement of experiencing a different culture while keeping you entertained and longing for more. So, the next time you go looking for an exotic venture, check with your local travel agency, and make plans to visit Jerez, Spain.