Comillas, Spain


Famous for its combination of incredible modern and historical architecture, Comillas, Spain is located in the province of Cantabria, on the northern coast of Spain. Although it is a tiny place, home to just under 2,500 people, it’s a very popular tourist spot. Visitors can roam cobblestone streets, visit beautiful beaches, or take a trip to the well-known El Capricho building, designed by renowned modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. It’s the only Gaudi building in Cantabria and part of what gives Comillas its reputation as being the most beautiful city in the province.

Beach of Comillas, Cantabria, SpainComiilas is located west of the Cantabria capital city of Santander, bordered by the Picos de Europa mountains and by the Bay of Biscay to the north. The largest of its beaches, Comillas Beach, is near the Oyambre Natural Park, which features an estuary where hundreds of water birds make their nests. The beach itself is a good location for various water sports, including diving, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing. The town welcomes thousands of tourists every summer who take advantage of the warm temperatures. With its stunning natural beauty, it is easy to see why Comillas was historically a favorite holiday destination for the Spanish nobility.

The modernist architecture in Comillas is even more popular than its beaches. The unique palace known as El Capricho was built by Gaudi in the 1880s, out of vibrantly contrasting color tiles. Nearby, the neo-Gothic Sobrellano Palace stands overlooking the water. Gaudi designed the interior of that building as well, and it was the main royal residence during visits to Comillas by the aristocracy. These two iconic structures, as well as churches, mansions, and taverns, give Comillas a sense of charm and originality, distinguishing the town from Spain’s other coastal tourist spots.

The mild weather in Comillas means many tourists choose to visit all year round. In winter, it hovers around 45 degrees, and in summer, it rarely reaches 90. There’s not a lot of rainfall either – only around 2.2 inches in the wettest months. The area boasts a wide variety of hotels of all sizes, some with golf courses and private gardens, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the sunshine and sea air, and to find out why Comillas is considered one of a kind.