Popular Things To Do In Athens, Greece


There are so many Popular Things to do in Athens, Greece , that it is practically impossible for tourists not to find something they like. With so many available options, it actually gets difficult to make a choice! However, there are some things that stand out from the crowd.

Ancient Greeks were highly credited with inventing drama and comedy, and this tradition carries on into the present. There are hundreds of active theatres in Athens, where many wonderful plays are presented (often enough, more than one play is presented in a theater), usually from October to May.

Plaka Neighbourhood Athens GreeceTourists who visit Athens during the summer months should visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus to watch great Greek Tragedies. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is famous for its amazing acoustics, which allow all of the 15,000 spectators to listen very clearly, regardless of their seating.

Athens offers a big variety of shopping opportunities, including not only the traditional Greek-style souvenirs, but also art, jewelry, clothes and shoes. There is something for everyone to buy.

For tourists looking for T-shirt shops and handmade budget jewelry, Plaka is the place to go. There is a huge variety to choose from, so it is for sure no one will leave with empty hands.

At the Sunday flea market on Avyssinias Square, tourists will be able to find old dishes, metal ware and memorabilia. It is the perfect place for those who are on a tight budget and are avid collectors of vintage timepieces.

Some of the best boutiques and home furnishing stores are located in Kolonaki. Less expensive stores can be found in streets nearby, like Ermou and StadiouStreet.

There are numerous places to eat in Athens, most of them offering traditional Greek cuisine. There are also places to enjoy Italian and Asian cuisine, but it is recommended to taste Greek cuisine while visiting Athens.

Taverns offer steam-tray dishes well known as ‘’mageirefta’’, grills, pre-cooked meals and local wine.  Ideal for tourists wanting to enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal with their families, without paying much.

Ouzeris are traditional Greek taverns serving the famous Greek liquor ouzo, as well as finger foods, well known as ‘’mezedes’’.  Those who are on a tight budget and want to eat something tasty after a long walk in the streets of Athens will absolutely love ouzeris.

Gourmet food lovers who look for top-notch quality and have no financial problems should visit some of the restaurants at the northern suburbs of Athens.

Athens is a great city, with lots of opportunities for tourists to have a great time.  Most definitely, it should be the first choice for tourists planning on visiting Greece.


Milos, Greece


Milos is one of Greece’s more sought-after island destinations, with white washed buildings perched on steep cliffs, plentiful beaches, ancient historical sites, and Mediterranean beauty.

An ancient volcano between Athens and Crete, Milos is not big, only 14 miles wide and 8 miles long with 4,700 residents. It is a mountainous island thanks to its volcanic past, with steep crater walls disappearing into its deep water harbor and an uneven landscape. It’s highest point is Mount Profitis Elias, 2,454 feet.


Beautiful coastline with turquoise waters near Tsigrado, Milos island, Cyclades, GreeceMilos is a typical Cyclades Island in that despite the plentiful blue waters surrounding it, it has a fairly dry and arid climate. This results in an absence of lush vegetation. However, the temperatures are mild year-round and there is plenty of sunshine.

In ancient times, Milos was known for its obsidian, a black volcanic glass that is still plentiful on the island. Ancient settlements on the island, including the old city of Milos, thrived on this industry. The main village now is Plaka, located on a plateau above the harbor. Adamas is the port city and main entrance to the island. Several famous artworks have been discovered on Milos, including a statue of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

There are two ways to get to the island of Milos: by airplane via the Milos National Airport, or by boat from another island or the mainland. The direct boat service from Athens takes 5 hours and is the cheapest. High speed boat service is expensive but can be as swift as 2.5 hours. Airplane trips from Athens are only 30 minutes long and several direct small-plane flights go to Milos each day.

Diving, horseback riding and yachting are all popular activities on Milos. Mediterranean waters are known for their cobalt and turquoise hues and marine life abounds near the shore. Sandy beaches make for memorable horseback rides and, for those who prefer life above the waves, sailing or canoeing is available. The towns on Milos also have a vibrant shopping, music and restaurant culture.

Some of Milos’ major attractions include archaeological sites, like the ancient city of Klima with its Roman theater and the prehistoric settlement of Fylakopi. There are also early Christian catacombs on the island. The northern part of Milos contains a geological wonder, Sarakiniko, a moonscape-like shoreline with water- and wind-carved volcanic rocks that jut out into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most photographed places in the Greek islands.


Delos, Greece


For fans of history and archeology, Delos, Greece is one of the best places to go in Greece. It was a very important center of culture for the ancient Greeks. They believed that the island was the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis, so they revered it as a holy site. They built numerous temples here and held many religious ceremonies.

Located in the Greek Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, Delos is covered with historic ruins and archeological sites. Visitors who come here will be able to enjoy some of the best archeological attractions in the country. Some of the most prominent include the three temples of Apollo, the Altar of Dionysus, the Lion Terrace, House of Dionysus, Cleopatra’s House and a theater that had seating for 5,000 ancient Greeks.

Delos island in, Cyclades, Islands, Greece.Besides taking in all of the impressive ruins on Delos, visitors should take the time to explore the Museum of Delos. It holds many impressive artifacts that span the ages of Greek history. There are artifacts from the Archaic, Classical, Roman and Hellenistic ages, many of which are stunning in their beauty. The Museum of Delos is an attraction that should not be missed while visitors are on Delos.

Visitors to Delos will find the climate very pleasing no matter what time of year they come. The days are very warm and the nights are cool with the seas breezes. The island gets plenty of sunshine. This region of the Mediterranean can get very windy at times. Sometimes the ferries that service Delos get cancelled due to these strong winds. Therefore, visitors should leave themselves extra time to make any connections they need to catch when they leave the island.

Most visitors will find that a day or two is enough to explore everything that Delos has to offer. There are not a lot of activities to do on the island other than checking out all of the fantastic ruins and artifacts. It can be pleasant just to walk around the island. Taking a picnic lunch and siting on a cliffside overlooking the ocean is always pleasant.

One of the most enjoyable activities on the island is to hike up Mount Kynthos. This large mountain does not attract a lot of visitors, so you can escape from the crowds. When you make it to the summit of Mount Kynthos, you will be rewarded with an amazing view that shows many of the other surrounding islands.


Karavostasi, Greece

Located on Folegandros a tiny Cyclades Island in the Aegean Sea, Karavostasi, Greece is reputed to be unspoiled and authentically Greek. This small village is the main port on Folegandros Island. It’s refreshing to see all the colorful fishing boats and yachts with a backdrop of whitewashed buildings and arid landscape. It is an ideal destination for those who want to vacation in beautiful surroundings, to relax, to wander aimlessly on hillsides and enjoy beautiful and clean beaches.


Karavostasi in Foledandros Island Cyclades GreeceKaravostasi is one of three tiny villages on Folegandros Island. It is the port of entry to the village. Ferries run from Athens several days a week. The entire island is only 12 sq. miles with only about 700 local inhabitants. The fishing boats moored in the harbor are available to take visitors to beaches that are unreachable by foot. Karavostasi and the other two villages are connected by a paved road.

Throughout the village of Karavostasi, the stunning style of architecture is amazing. The buildings are designed in the traditional Cycladic architectural style with glistening whitewashed buildings and houses that are all quite uniform looking. White flights of stairs and multicolored windows accentuate the buildings. Picturesque narrow lanes and archways add to the village scene.

Tourist amenities are available in the village. A few good fish taverns and cafes are easy to find. Grocery stores, bakeries, rental shops and other shops for necessities are also available. There are a number of hotel accommodations in the village. One is a luxury hotel built in a contemporary style that was adapted from the traditional whitewashed style of architecture. It overlooks Karavostasi Bay and provides a gorgeous view.

Somewhat of a novelty is the nudist beach not far from Karavostasi. Other beaches nearby have sandy sea bottoms. The water is calm, shallow and clean, and displays beautiful shades of blue. The beaches are ideal for families.

Since Folegandros Island is small, it is easy to get out and explore the sights. Take an excursion to Chora, which was a walled medieval town. It’s a beautiful compact town with three lovely squares, whitewashed homes, and twisting paths and alleys. Above the town is the old Pangia church, just a short walk up the hill. From the church, there is a beautiful view of the beaches and the sea.
Mild winters and warm summer characterize the weather here, with lots of sun and little rain – just perfect for vacations. At times, a summer wind, called Meltemi, blows through the islands – it’s great for sailing.


Folegandros, Greece

Folegandros is a beautiful and untouched Cyclades Island is Greece. The island is thought to be named after the son of Minos, a past king of Crete; however, historians have different opinions on how the island got its name. The first residents of Folegandros were the Carians. The Cretans and the Dorians followed. From 1900 to 1970, banished Crete prisoners took refuge on the island. These prisoners developed a friendly working relationship with the locals. During the last 30 years, tourism has improved on the island; therefore, many people are choosing to take a vacation to Folegandros.

The remote Katergo beach, Folegandros island, GreeceThe island is quiet and peaceful and is home to clear waters, white homes and crooked streets. It contains rocky cliffs and secluded beaches. One of the most popular activities on the island is fishing. The island boasts three villages, Chora, Karavostasi and Ano Meria. The Church of the Virgin Mary is a popular attraction on the island. The church possesses an image that has been known to conduct miracles. The island also is home to a medieval castle. The castle contains houses and churches.

In Karavostasi you will find a mysterious cave that is believed to have been a worship place for Apollo and Artemis. While on the island, you can also enjoy snorkeling or hiking. Some people just like to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can take a boat trip around the island.

The Greek food in Folegandros is excellent. You can find casual restaurants, or you can find fancy places to eat. Some people like to relax in the taverns. Numerous shops on the island sell souvenirs and hand-painted items.

While on the island, you can rent a car or a moped. It is actually easier to get around on a moped. To get to the island, you can take a ferry from one of the other islands.

The climate in Folegandros is nice and pleasant. The months of May and June tend to get a little hot; however, the winds cool off the summer months. March through September offer the best times to visit the island.

Folegandros will provide you with a tranquil and calm vacation. You can just relax on the island and leave the rest of the world behind.


Cyclades Islands Greece

If you are seeking an exotic vacation, the Cyclades Islands of Greece are the perfect destinations for you. While visiting the Cyclades Islands, you get an up-close look at aquatic life, in addition to viewing different wildlife and geological features. The extraordinary sunrises and sunsets make the Cyclades a perfect piece of paradise pie. You can take the family to these islands, or plan an intimate vacation for you and your spouse. There are a variety of activities to enjoy, regardless of who accompanies you on this trip to the Greek islands.


View of the island of Ios in Cyclades, GreeceThe Cyclades used to be one island, but after a massive volcanic eruption, the islands now consist of over 220 islands in the Aegean archipelago. Many of the smaller Cyclades islands are uninhabited. Some of the major islands in the Cyclades are: Paros, Melos, Delos, Andros, Anafe, Syros, Tenos and Kimolos. Milos and Santorini are two of the volcanic islands located within this popular group of islands. The Cyclades was once known for its archaeological excavation, but now tourists from Europe and all over the world visit the Cyclades Islands for leisure.

The most famous village of the Cyclades is the island Santorini. The capital of Santorini is the city Fira, which is the main tourist attraction of all the islands. When you visit Santorini, you should stop at the tourist building and get a glimpse of the Santorini caldera, a landmark that appeared as a result of the volcanic eruption. Santorini has many historical sights for the family to see, including the beaches. Santorini is known for its red and black sand and hot water, instead of your typical blue-water and beige-sand beaches. Perissa and Perivolos are beaches in Santorini that are actually lined with black sand, and Red Beach is famous for its red and black volcanic pebbles. Black sand may not sound too romantic, but enjoying a bottle of the famous Santorini wine on the actual island is pretty dreamy.

The typical climates for these islands are dry and mild, and the islands do not have wintry weather. The beautiful scenery may entice you to set sail through the Cyclades, but you need to plan wise before making the excursion. The Cyclades is exposed to the north and north east, which puts you, your boat and other travelers in an extremely risky path of wind-force that reaches seven and above, better known as the Meltemi wind. To minimize your chances of running into the dangerous Meltemi Wind, it is best to plan your voyage between October and mid-June.


France Pavilion, Epcot Center


Epcot Center’s World Showcase provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the unique cultures and traditions of regions from across the globe. The France Pavilion at Epcot Center is easily one of the park’s most popular destinations, as the area catapults visitors to the quaint streets of Paris. Complete with shops selling authentic French wares, architectural details reminiscent of the City of Light, and a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, the French Pavilion is enough to convince even the most discerning traveler that they have crossed the ocean and are visiting the streets of Paris.

France Pavilion, World Showcase, Epcot Center, Walt Disney World, FloridaCulinary Exploration: Foods in the Pavilion
The foods and culinary traditions of France are perhaps one of the country’s greatest sources of price. Epcot’s France Pavilion does not neglect this phenomenon, but instead presents visitors with multiple opportunities to savor the delicacies of the “cuisine française.” Epcot guests can sample the scrumptious baked goods found throughout France in the Boulangerie Patisserie, while the Bistro de France gives visitors the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of a modern cafe. Les Chefs de France is another option in the France Pavilion, serving a wide selection of entrees that are typical of dishes served in the various regions of France.

Enjoying the Parisian Atmosphere

Perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of a visit to the French Pavilion is how successfully Epcot has managed to replicate the ambiance of a Parisian neighborhood. Street performers dot the landscape, just as the artists do on the streets of the French capital. Of course, Disney fans will not be disappointed to discover that the area serves as a second home to popular characters such as Belle and the Beast. Other French characters also make appearances in the France Pavilion, adding to the overall draw of this dynamic destination.

For those who feel passionate about all that France has to offer, the France Pavilion as Epcot is perhaps one of the most authentic French experiences on this side of the Atlantic. From the delicious foods to the charm of the performers and characters, there is truly something for everyone in this area of Epcot. In addition to the authentic shops, restaurants, and decor, the French Pavilion also offers visitors the chance to watch “Impressions de France,” a film giving a visual tour of the many attractions of the nation.


Districts of Florence Italy


First time visitors to Florence Italy will wonder where to start.  For travelers, they will find that Florence is divided into 5 main districts and that most of the areas attractions are located in these Districts of Florence Italy.

Developed in 1812, the Florence district of Campo di Marte served as the training site for the Tuscan army after Napoleon invaded the country. Now known as “Quartiere 2,” the area boasts many historical buildings originating from the turn of the century. Nestled amongst the array of historical structures, modern buildings emerged beginning in the 1950s. Today, the area is known as the city’s sports center. The Artemio Franchi Stadium stands here and serves as home to the Fiorentina soccer team. The region additionally features numerous public sports facilities and swimming pools.

Districts of Florence, Italy

Commonly referred to as Centro Storico, the design of the Centre district closely follows the road system constructed centuries ago by the Romans. The many attractions in this part of the city include the array of Renaissance palaces that line the medieval streets. Centre is also the region of Florence where visitors have the chance to see the artwork of the masters. The Galleria dell’Accademia features many paintings but the most famous attraction here remains Michelangelo’s statue of David.

Gavinana lies on the left bank of the Arno River and borders the city of Bagno a Ripoli. The historic location dates back to the 10th century and stands between the heart of the city and the famous Chianti wine country. The area also harbors treasured Renaissance works of art. The Church of Santa Maria dates back to the 14th century and features an altarpiece designed and crafted by Giotto. Students regularly attend the significant Longhi Foundation, which offers instruction in art history.

The Santa Maria Novella district lies between the banks of the Arno River and the railway station. The location features some of the finest architecture in the city that includes elegant piazzas. Explore the many medieval streets; visit the Croce al Trebbio, a shrine constructed by a group of Dominican friars. Indulge in window-shopping on the Via Tomabuoni.

Santo Spirito Oltramo, commonly called Santo Spirito, spans from San Frediano to San Niccol. The Piazza Santo Spirito lies in the heart of the district, which harbors local history and artisan workshops. Here, guests also find traditional markets in the squares. Visit any of the many beautiful churches and museums. The various facilities offer a glimpse into costumes, modern art and even silverware over the centuries. Take a leisurely stroll through the Boboli Gardens while admiring the fountains, statues and colorful landscape that span over 53 square yards.


Santo Spirito District, Florence, Italy


Santo Spirito District of Florence, Italy is an enchanting town that faces the Basilica of the Holy Spirit. The center of the city often hosts art exhibitions and local musicians. Vibrant bars and nightlife can also be found in the center of the Santo Spirito District.

The city is famed for its Basilica of the Holy Spirit, which was created by artist Filippo Brunelleschi. The yellow ocher facade makes the Basilica hard to miss. The Basilica is known as one of the most beautiful Renaissance churches throughout all of Italy.

Palazzo Pitti Museum, Santo Spirito District of Florence, ItalyIn the southeastern end of the Santo Spirito District, visitors will find a few museums. The Palazzo Pitti Museum features mini exhibitions that are dedicated to famous Italian painters. Visitors can also gain admission to the Boboli Gardens and view all of the sculptures that surround the gardens. There are various pathways adorned with beautiful flowers at the Boboli Gardens.

There are a variety of great restaurants to be found in this district too. To enjoy flavorful pasta dishes in an outdoor setting, Borgo Antico is one place to try. Il Santo Bevitore is an excellent place to dine at for a classy lunch or dinner. The traditional Italian cuisine is on point at Il Santo Bevitore. For a unique ambiance, visitors can check out the Munaciello Pizza House. The restaurant is housed within an old monastery which is complete with an angel sculpture hanging from the wall.

For the best shopping in the Santo Spirito District of Florence, travelers only need to check out the street located behind the Basilica. The Via Santo Spirito street is filled with charming boutiques, designer stores and antique outlets. There are also beautiful buildings lined up and down the street. The buildings were created by the wealthiest families of Italy, so it is worth taking a few minutes to check out these treasures.

Visitors can also gain a better appreciation and understanding of Florentine royalty by visiting the Pitti Palace. During the 16th century, the palace served as the main residence for the Medici grand duke. Each room in the palace contains artwork created by Italy’s foremost painters, including Raphael, Caravaggio, Titan and Botticelli.

The city is also adorned with other religious structures that are worth a visit. The Brancacci Chapel contains frescoes created by Masaccio. Famous paintings such as “The Expulsion of Adam and Eve” can be found tucked away in this famous religious center.


Campo di Marte District, Florence, Italy


Campo di Marte District in Florence, Italy has one of the smaller train stations located in Florence. It can be found in a primarily residential area. There are a few local boutiques and cafes in the area, but nothing of distinction. However, it is also close to the Stadio Artemio Franchi. This is the home stadium of Florence’s soccer team, Fiorentina. If you want to catch a game, then you can easily buy tickets the day of the match. Florentines love soccer, but the home team is not that popular. Thus, there should be no crazy crowds or lines keeping you from getting inside the 4,000 seat stadium.

Campo di Marte District, Florence, ItalyThere is an English cemetery not far from Campo di Marte either. It features the tombs of several famous writers such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The cemetery is located on a hill in the middle of the busy intersection at the head of Borgo Pinti and Piazzale Donatello. You should head down this road next after exploring the cemetery.

Perhaps the most notable attraction near the Campo di Marte station is the Four Seasons Hotel on Borgo Pinti. This magnificent compound is also home to one of Florence’s best gardens. All you need to do is walk through the plush lobby. The grounds are spectacular, and perfect for a quiet day away from the city. Walk through the garden, and up a hill to see an unexpected view of the Duomo. If you are hungry, then grab lunch by the pool at the Four Season’s cafe. They have great food that will remind you of home. The hotel also has a great spa and outdoor bar. It is a great place to get away for the day even if just for a few hours.

Piazza Beccaria is also a great place to grab drinks at Kitsch 2, or watch a movie. This little square features quite a large arch called the Porta alla Croce. Connecting roads feature plenty of bars and high street shops to keep locals happy.

If you are visiting Florence for the first time and short on time, this is probably not a district that will interest you as it is far away from the main attractions. However, its local charm gives it a distinct lived in feeling. If you want to see how real Florentines interact and live, then head towards the Campo di Marte station. It is easily accessible by bus, bike, or a twenty minute walk from the Duomo.