Nesso, Italy

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, want an escape from hot summer weather, or love sailing, Nesso, Italy, has much to offer you. It is a small municipality in the Province of Como elevated high above beautiful Lake Como. It is part of the region of Lombardy, one of 20 regions that comprise the country of Italy, and is situated on the north border. Lombardy is one of the richest regions in Europe.

Archaeological findings indicate Lombardy was probably settled since the second millennium BC. Later it became the home of Itruscans, Celtic-Gallic tribes, and then became a Roman province. As a result of the Roman influence, roads, agriculture, and language were developed to a high degree. The region gained its name after the invasion of the Lombards. It became a part of the Kingdom of Italy around 774 AD.

Nesso, Lake Como, Lombardy, ItalyNesso is located within a few miles of centers such as Milan, Como, and Tremezzo. You can travel by bus or by boat from Nesso to other municipalities close to this community. The bus offers convenient stops about once an hour. The ferry and boats are less frequent. Because it is on Lake Como, it has easy access to swimming, sailing, and water skiing.

If you are interested in learning to sail, Lake Como is the ideal place. Not only are there sailing lessons available, but the lake has much calmer water making it easier on the beginning sailor. Sailing is like a whisper compared to a shout that you get in a motor boat. You can find a beautiful place to stay in Nesso and then go snow skiing in the Alps.

If you would like to see the lake from the air, there are helicopter rides available that will take you far above it for a stunning view, and even take you up into the Alps where snow still lingers. The view just gets better and better as you ascend.

The average temperature during the month of August is a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 58 degrees Fahrenheit; perfect weather for walking and sleeping. Walking is a pleasure in Nesso as there are small shops to discover and excellent dining. You must catch them when they are open as most close after lunch and then re-open around 3 or 4.

A visit to Nesso, Italy, and to Lake Como is well worth the trip.



Bordering the Swiss Alps in Northern Italy, Lombardy is the richest and the most populous of the country’s 20 regional districts. The region’s capital, Milan, is the second-most visited city in Italy. Home to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, and the La Scala opera house, Milan is also one of the fashion capitals of the world, headquarters for designers such as Versace, Prada and Armani. The scenic Lombardy lake district also lies in the region.

Lombardy was first settled 4,000 years ago – ceramics, axes and arrows from the era can be viewed at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology Museum in Milan. The Roman Empire extended into the area from the 3rd century onwards, and the area that is now Lombardy became a Roman province in 194 B.C. A series of tribal invasions followed the fall of the empire. The last of the tribes, the Lombards, gave the region its current name.

Lombardy Region, ItalyFor tourists, the primary must-see attraction of the entire Lombardy region is Leonardo’s depiction of the last supper of Christ. Located within the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, The Last Supper is not a true fresco, having been painted on a dry wall rather than on wet plaster. Because of the methods Leonardo chose to seal the painting, it began to deteriorate 6 years after its completion in 1498. A 21-year restoration project, finished in 1999, revealed faint, but still vibrant colors. The painting captures the moment after Jesus announced that one of the twelve apostles seated around him would betray him. The Last Supper manages to convey the personal reaction of each apostle with a depth not seen in other interpretations of the subject. Reservations to view the painting are mandatory. Only 25 visitors are allowed in the room for 15 minutes at a time.

Also in Milan is the La Scala Opera House and Museum. Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly had its world premiere in La Scala, as did both Falstaff and Othello, by Giuseppe Verdi. The world’s finest singers have graced the stage at La Scala for the last 200 years. The La Scala Theatre Museum is connected to the opera house, and features artifacts relating to the history of the theatre, such as Toscanini’s baton and Verdi’s top hat. From the museum, visitors can glimpse the grand stage of the theatre, which is as large as the ground-floor seating area.

The scenic Lombard lakes of Italy’s alpine mountains are a popular tourist destination. Lake Como is among the most visited. Lake Como has remained virtually unchanged since Roman aristocracy built their villas along the shoreline in the 19th century. Deep blue water reflects the snowcapped alpine mountains. Steep lanes rise from the harbor, leading to picturesque squares, five-star hotels and posh shops. Ferries give tours around the lake – perhaps providing a glimpse of the home of Como’s famous resident, actor George Clooney.


Map of Lake Como

Lake Como is located in Lombardy, in Northern Italy. For well over one hundred years it has been a destination for travelers and native Italians alike, and it has recently become even more popular thanks to an influx of wealthy celebrities traveling to and even purchasing homes around the lake. Lake Como itself is shaped rather unusually, much like a inverted letter “Y.” The size is an impressive 146 kilometers square, making it the third largest lake in all of Italy. Several towns exist on the shores of Lake Como in various places, each a worthy destination for travelers.

The city of Como is perhaps the best known in the area surrounding Lake Como, and is a namesake of the lake. Located on the southwest tip of the lake, Como is quite close to the Swiss border. Aside from Lake Como, the city boasts a rich Roman heritage, being the birthplace of famed men like Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger, and the 18th century inventor Alessandro Volta. Old city walls dating from the 12th century still exist, and are an incredible place to stroll around and soak in the history. Cultural establishments like the Civic Archaeological Museum, the History Museum, and the Civic Art Gallery all make fascinating destinations and are a way to better understand the history of this beautiful town.

Another town on Lake Como often frequented by travelers is Nesso, named for the centaur ferryman on the river Eunos, in ancient mythology. This town offers the cleanest and safest places to swim in Lake Como. There is a castle located in the town, the ruins of which are ideal for strolling through and touring. The Roman Bridge, or Ponte Roma, is also worth a visit. Climb over 300 steps to get there, but enjoy stunning views of waterfalls and Lake Como that make the hike worth your time.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your time actually on and around Lake Como. Water sports are a popular and fun pastime for locals and visitors alike. Boats available for rent can transport you from village to village along the shore, or just let you enjoy the natural scenery from a new perspective. Enjoy many cycling paths that circle the entire perimeter of the lake, or jog the paths instead. Horseback riding is available along the shore in several times, and is a picturesque activity.


Bellagio, Italy

When many people think of Bellagio, they unfortunately think of the casino that is located in Las Vegas. The truth is, the original Bellagio is a beautiful municipality located in the extreme northern part of Italy. Bellagio is located at the intersection of 3 arms of Lake Como, and is also located at the foot of the Alps. This provides for a magnificent view practically anywhere you look. Bellagio is not a big city, as it only has about 3500 residents that live there full time. Many of the people are visitors who go and enjoy the activities, the food, and the scenery.

The weather in Bellagio is perfect for vacationing year round, as Lake Como helps maintain comfortable temperatures in the summer and winter months. During July, arguably the hottest summer month, the average temperature is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which is very comfortable. In December, the average temperature is also comfortable for winter, at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. As for precipitation, it rains the most in the month of May. In the winter, snow fall varies widely, but the most snowfall is seen falling at higher elevations.

Bellagio, termed “the pearl of Lake Como”, has been known to be a popular destination spot since the times of the Roman Empire. Elites would go to Bellagio and enjoy hunting and fishing, among other things. This is not too different from today, as it is known that celebrities such as Madonna, George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone and a multitude of others have or had homes on Lake Como. This testifies to the beauty of Bellagio and the surrounding areas.

Once in Bellagio, there are a multitude of activities that one can take part in. Taking in the scenery is probably one of the most popular activities, as Bellagio is the perfect place to just sit back and relax by the lake. Boat renting is another popular activity. Vacationers can spend an entire day on the lake and enjoy fishing or even swimming in the lake. If it is your first time at the lake, taking a tour of the lake via a water taxi would be the perfect thing to do. On land, there are many local shops that you can venture into and explore local art and goods. Local restaurants are a must. You might think that Italian food is just pasta and tomato sauce, but in reality, Italian food is very diverse and varies by region.

Bellagio is truly a world class resort that everyone that loves to travel must see for themselves. It offers great relaxation and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and fun activities that anyone can take part in.


Menaggio Italy

Travelers choose Menaggio, Italy because it is a relaxed resort town skirting the edge of the spectacular Lake Como providing fabulous accommodation and dining. Travel to Menaggio is not difficult. When visitors choose to fly into the area, they can come into the Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport. From the airport, an express bus runs directly to Menaggio. Catching an ASF Autolinee bus for reasonable rates is possible when coming from Como or Lugano. Once in town, they can enjoy the lake, go golfing, and take walking tours.

The Menaggio area was occupied by Rome after seizure in 196 A.D. The wall ruins of the ancient walled city are still visible today. Romans built the Via Regina on the western side of Lake Como. Via Regina continues into what is now Switzerland, passing through some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. Today, a road trip on a modern road that follows Via Regina starts just north of Como and runs along the lake.

In order to find the best of Menaggio, guests staying in the town may want to secure a guided tour. A local can be the perfect guide to the favorite restaurants and shops as well as to the culture and history of the region. Still, taking a self-walking tour around the town and making inquiries of English-speaking local residents and shop keepers can help people become familiar with Menaggio.

For golf lovers, the Menaggio & Cadenabia Golf Club is a beautiful, challengingly tight golf course in a hilly region with forest and mountains surrounding the eighteen holes. The course has a traditional British layout, but a driver may not be needed. The golf club has a lovely resort hotel and restaurant.

Now, Lake Como is one of the main attractions, and visitors in Menaggio can take a guided sailboat tour. They can choose a couple hours or half of a day out on the water, and can gain experience in sailing. Lake Como is a vast, stunning body of water and nothing is quite as inspiring as boating with the sun glittering on the Lake’s surface.

Menaggio is a wonderful getaway beside Lake Como in Northern Italy. Visitors can stroll near the shore, eat leisurely meals at outdoor cafes, go sailing and golfing, and just unwind from their normal routines. Whatever else they do, they should take full advantage of their experience in this lakeside town.


Varenna, Italy

Many consider Varenna, Italy, to be the most beautiful town on Lake Como. The charming town of rustic houses interlaced with cobbled streets huddles on the lakeshore beneath the foothills of the Alps that rise behind the town. Just an hour north of Milan, Varenna is an idyllic retreat from the bustle of the city that has drawn visitors for centuries.

Varenna is built upon a point of rock that juts out into the lake, and sits at the foot of a mountain that rises high above it. The skeletal ruins of an ancient castle called Vezio commands the height, poking its cracked ribs to the sky. The community dates back to at least to Roman times, and the earliest historical reference for the town dates to 493, where it is mentioned by Corius in his History of Milan. Its next mention is from a will drafted in 769 by the Deacon Grato of Monza.

After the turn of the first millennium, things really started to heat up for Varenna. In 1126, the town was defeated and sacked by an army from Como when Varenna chose to fight under the flag of distant Milan, which lost that particular war. On two more occasions, in 1224 and 1228, Varenna again went to war with the town of Como and was razed to the ground on both occasions. The survivors took refuge in the nearby castle of Vezio where they were able to wait out the wrath of the soldiers of Como.

After the excitement of the 10th and 11th centuries, Varenna settled down to the sleepy lakeside existence it has enjoyed ever since. It was subjected to various feudal aristocratic families, and a tyrant or two, until finally Varenna’s infeudation passed to the family Serbollini, who kept possession of Vezio’s tower until the 19th century.

More recently, Varenna has best been known for the fine black marble that was quarried nearby, which kept the town prosperous for many years. Her most famous son is industrialist G.B. Perelli of Perelli Tire fame, who was born in Varenna in 1848.

Today Varenna is best known as the seat of many scientific conferences held at Villa Monastero, an old monastery that has housed a Hydrobiology Institute since 1925. The gardens at the Villa are open to the public, as is a portion of the main building that is designated as a museum.

Another point of interest at Varenna is the medieval castle of Vezio, where legend says the last Lombard Queen Theodolinda died in the 7th century. Parts of the ancient castle have been restored, and today house an exhibition of birds of prey and a school of falconry.

Perhaps most interesting of all, besides Varenna’s beautiful lakeside promenade and the sunsets viewed from her shores, is the lovely parish church of San Giorgio whose gray bell tower pokes above the picturesque terra cotta roofs of the town. The church was consecrated in 1313 and contains many precious works of art.

Varenna, Italy is an ideal place for romantics and those seeking an authentic rustic charm that is not contrived or commercialized.


Como, Italy

Como is a beautiful destination located in the heart of Lombardy, Italy. It’s proximity to beautiful natural landmarks like Lake Como and the Alps Mountains has made it a popular vacation spot for both Italians and international travelers. It is also home to many cultural and historical landmarks, making it an ideal place to spend time on holiday.

Como was originally created by the Romans, who used the town to signify the end of the Piedmont Road. In those times, the first century BC, it was an important communication location for Romans in times of battle and expansion. It was only under the reign of Julius Caesar that streets were laid out, and the area of Novum Comum became an official municipality. Thanks to the central location of Como, and it’s incredible natural beauty, it has been fought over by many countries and monarchies in it’s history, including France, Spain, and Austria, before finally becoming a part of Italy in the late 19th century.

For most of Como’s recent history, the economy has been based primarily on industry, most notable the silk trade for which it is still famous. However, in recent years there has been a dramatic shift in industry to tourism, thanks in large part to the filming of many Hollywood films in the area. As celebrities and the wealthy travel to Como on holiday and buy homes there, a greater need for the service industry has arisen. Today, the dominant sector of industry is service, both for tourism in Como and in the nearby city of Milan, where many residents travel to work each day.

There are plenty of reasons tourists choose to visit Como, aside from the impressive outdoor attractions of the lake and nearby mountains. Some historical landmarks include Broletto, the ancient town hall, and Casa del Fascio, a famed building from the 1930s known as Europe’s landmark modern architecture. Many religious buildings are also worth a visit, including the famed 14th century Como Cathedral, and the ancient Roman Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, which was consecrated by the Pope in the 11th century. Many famed ancients called the city of Como home, including Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger, and the ancient Roman poet Caecilius.

Of course, the gorgeous Lake Como is one of the big draws to the area. Boat trips are a common pastime, and a great way to see the beautiful scenery on land from a new perspective. Como has a humid subtropical climate, meaning that the best time for water sports on the lake is in the summer months. Jogging, cycling, or just walking on the lakeside paths is a popular activity among locals and tourists, and there are plenty of friendly and welcoming cafes and restaurants along the way. Stop in for a chat with the kind locals, or just a scoop of gelato to cool down.


Lake Como, Italy

Tourists planning their destination to northern Italy would do well with a stop to the scenic Lake Como region. Lake Como Italy is a very popular tourist destination, and upon seeing the breathtaking view of Italy’s deepest lake one can understand why. Travelers of all ages who want to experience a memorable getaway, can visit one of the many resorts and villas which surround this awe-inspiring body of water.

Many travelers from Switzerland choose to vacation in the Lake Como district. In fact, the Swiss and Lake Como residents are practically neighbors. Lake Como is easily accessible from Milan, Italy as well. Just a train ride away and Milan residents can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay at one of the Lake’s resort spas.

Sightseeing around Lake Como is as easy as taking the ferry. There are small villages neighboring the lake and many quaint shops of which to purchase souvenirs to bring back home. Ferry rides are an inexpensive way to see the picturesque views of the water.

Visiting Lake Como during the months of September and October is probably the most relaxed time to do so. The weather in Lake Como is beautiful in Autumn as well. For travelers visiting Lake Como during the winter months, winter sports may be enjoyed, with skiing being most popular. Summertime at the lake is the most hectic and preferred, so booking in advance is a good idea.

In early summer, travelers to Lake Como can enjoy various art festivals and water sports. Boating is a popular pastime for visitors to Lake Como as well. Musical events and concerts are often scheduled at various locales near or around the lake.

Campgrounds are also plentiful in the Lake Como region. In fact, Lake Como Italy is a camper’s paradise, with so much to see and do for the nature lover. Nature walks and hikes along the lake can be enjoyed during spring, summer and fall.

Nearby Varenna is a popular fishing village with where fishing enthusiasts young and old can enjoy their sport. Another must-see attraction in the area is the spectacular castle of Vezio. Tours of the Vezio castle tower are held from early summer through autumn. Tourists also enjoy one of the many cruises that are available to surrounding areas of the lake.

A short distance northeast of Lake Como is the historic village of Torno. Exploring the beautiful and ancient architecture of Torno is worth the trip alone. Also nearby is the town of Brienno. The cobblestone streets are reminiscent of an era long ago. The architecture of Brienno is fascinating as well.

Dining at Lake Como restaurants offers an experience all its own. Everything from pizzerias with outdoor cafe seating to formal dining rooms can be found in this beautiful area of northern Italy. Many Lake Como restaurants offer magnificent lakefront views.

Plenty of seasonal events can be enjoyed in the Lake Como region. Wine tasting events are popular during the summer months, and golfing events are often planned around the Lake Como district as well. Classic car shows are another popular attraction in Lake Como during the summer.