Santo Spirito District, Florence, Italy


Santo Spirito District of Florence, Italy is an enchanting town that faces the Basilica of the Holy Spirit. The center of the city often hosts art exhibitions and local musicians. Vibrant bars and nightlife can also be found in the center of the Santo Spirito District.

The city is famed for its Basilica of the Holy Spirit, which was created by artist Filippo Brunelleschi. The yellow ocher facade makes the Basilica hard to miss. The Basilica is known as one of the most beautiful Renaissance churches throughout all of Italy.

Palazzo Pitti Museum, Santo Spirito District of Florence, ItalyIn the southeastern end of the Santo Spirito District, visitors will find a few museums. The Palazzo Pitti Museum features mini exhibitions that are dedicated to famous Italian painters. Visitors can also gain admission to the Boboli Gardens and view all of the sculptures that surround the gardens. There are various pathways adorned with beautiful flowers at the Boboli Gardens.

There are a variety of great restaurants to be found in this district too. To enjoy flavorful pasta dishes in an outdoor setting, Borgo Antico is one place to try. Il Santo Bevitore is an excellent place to dine at for a classy lunch or dinner. The traditional Italian cuisine is on point at Il Santo Bevitore. For a unique ambiance, visitors can check out the Munaciello Pizza House. The restaurant is housed within an old monastery which is complete with an angel sculpture hanging from the wall.

For the best shopping in the Santo Spirito District of Florence, travelers only need to check out the street located behind the Basilica. The Via Santo Spirito street is filled with charming boutiques, designer stores and antique outlets. There are also beautiful buildings lined up and down the street. The buildings were created by the wealthiest families of Italy, so it is worth taking a few minutes to check out these treasures.

Visitors can also gain a better appreciation and understanding of Florentine royalty by visiting the Pitti Palace. During the 16th century, the palace served as the main residence for the Medici grand duke. Each room in the palace contains artwork created by Italy’s foremost painters, including Raphael, Caravaggio, Titan and Botticelli.

The city is also adorned with other religious structures that are worth a visit. The Brancacci Chapel contains frescoes created by Masaccio. Famous paintings such as “The Expulsion of Adam and Eve” can be found tucked away in this famous religious center.


Centre District, Florence, Italy


If you are a visitor to Florence, Italy you must be certain to spend some time in the Centre District. Many of the city’s most impressive sights are here in the center of the city, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see them for yourself. Conveniently, the district is not very spread-out, so you can see several fantastic landmarks within just a few blocks of each other. If you have only a day to spend in Florence, this would be an excellent place to spend it since you will be able to see so much in such a short time.
The Duomo, Centre District, Florence, ItalyThe Cathedral, otherwise known as the Duomo, is found in the center of Florence, along with the baptistry. Its proper title in English is the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower, and the cathedral reflects that lovely name. Along with the richly ornamental doors and the finely sculptured marble walls, the cathedral boasts 44 gorgeous stained glass windows created in the 1300s and 1400s. Construction on the cathedral began more than seven centuries ago, and several noted artists and architects had a hand in the design of this beautiful building whose golden dome towers over central Florence.

The Cathedral Square, or Piazza del Duomo, also includes the beautiful spectacle of Giotto’s Bell Tower, a splendid example of Gothic architecture, and the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral, which houses magnificent works of art connected with the cathedral, including the handiwork of Michaelangelo and Donatello. With its rich history, this is a definite must-see for any art enthusiast.

Another impressive sight in this district of Florence is the Ponte Vecchio, which is the bridge that stands over the Arno River. In addition to its structural beauty, which dates back to medieval times, the bridge is notable because it is lined with shops. While many bridges of that time were similarly lined with shops, that is not the case for many bridges that stand today, so it’s especially fun to wander these stores and buy the art, jewelry and souvenirs that is sold inside of them.

If you are planning a visit to Florence and looking for accommodation in the Centre District or all over the city, check out Oh-Florence where you can find a huge selection of apartments to suit your every need. Clearly, this central portion of Florence has a great deal to offer any visitor with a deep and abiding interest in art, culture and history, and its magnificence is such that it is likely to foster such an appreciation in others as well.


Firenze Card, Florence, Italy

The Firenze Card gives holders admittance to key museums, villas and gardens of historical significance in Florence. Various agencies endorse the card. These include the Municipality of Florence, the Regional Direction of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Activities, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, the Special Superintendence for Historical, Artistic and Ethnic – Anthropological Heritage, for the Museum Circuit of Florence, in partnership with ATAF.

Buying the Firenze cards has advantages. It can save visitors money and time, depending on the number of museums they plan to visit. Visitors who have paid ahead of time do not have to wait to get tickets, buy individual tickets or make reservations. Entrance to some monuments and museums listed on the pass is free. Visitors might want to determine the price of museum fees without having the Firenze card by looking at the Florence Museums Price website.Firenze Card, Florence, Italy

The Firenze card is valid for 72 hours. It gives free entrance to the primary museums in Florence to the holder of the card. It is legitimate to use for both permanent collections and other displays and activities of that museum with no other fees. The visitor presents the card at the museum entrance hall. The card may be used only one time at each museum. Each purchased card is usable for free admittance for one EU citizen who is under 18 and who is accompanied by an adult. The card can be used for public transportation by swiping through the validation machine found in trams and buses. A list of countries on the Firenze website lists the European countries that offer access for those under 18.

One piece of sound advice is for the holder to write his name on the card without delay when purchasing the card. At the museum, find the sign for the Firenze card and provide the card for admission. The card’s validity begins the first time the card is used.

The recent cost for the card is 50 Euros. Visitors can check the most up-to-date price on-line or at a tourist information center, museums or stores as indicated on outlet maps. If the card is bought online, verify the collection points for obtaining the card.

Those holding the Firenze card can visit all museums that are included in the Circuit within the Florence area. The Firenze website also has a list of events for which the card can be used.