Central Greece

Steeped in culture and ancient history, Greece is a country filled with adventure and excitement. Home to some of the world’s most spectacular landmarks and ruins from ages long past, Greece is, not surprisingly, one of the most visited nations in the world. With so much to see and do, the country is best visited region by region. Central Greece, in particular, plays host to many of the country’s most phenomenal sites and fascinating cities. A trip to Central Greece offers visitors a unique blend of history, natural beauty and rich culture to explore.

Meteora Rock, Central GreeceOne of the top sites in Central Greece is the historic city of Thessaloniki. Filled with Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine ruins, a trip to Thessaloniki is like a living lesson in ancient history and culture. One of the top sites in this beautiful city is the White Tower, a major landmark and attraction. The White Tower, built in the 16th century, is a stunning example of architecture of a long ago age. Another fascinating attraction in Thessaloniki is the city’s Byzantine walls. Other ancient monuments and ruins in the city include the ancient Roman Forum, Agios Demetrios, Agia Sophia and Bey Hamam. Thessaloniki is also home to world-class museums and landmarks like the Thessaloniki Archeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the Museum of Science, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and the city’s stunning waterfront promenade.

The city of Larissa is a hidden gem filled with interesting museums and top-notch shops and restaurants. The top attractions in this city include the Ancient Greek Theater ruins, the Archeological Museum of Larissa, the Historical and Folklore Museum and the ancient ruins of the Second Theater.

The seaside city of Volos offers stunning views and plenty of history and culture. The top sites in this city include the Athanasakeion Archeological Museum of Volos, St. Nikolaos Square, Anavros Park and many splendid beaches.

Another landmark worth a visit is the historic archeological site of Delphi, home of the famed Oracle of Apollo. One of the most fascinating archeological sites in all of Greece, it is not to be missed. Yet another great site is Meteora, renowned for its spectacular hilltop monasteries.

Other great attractions in Central Greece include Olympos National Park.

With its fascinating cities and wealth of ancient ruins, Central Greece offers a truly memorable trip for any global traveler or tourism enthusiast.