Oxford, England

Oxford, England, home of the oldest university in England, Oxford is known for its educational institution of higher learning as well as for its historic cityscape and many spires. The architecture is Gothic and other earlier medieval styles. The historic university and other historic buildings help to make Oxford the picturesque city it is today, and many visitors come in to tour the university and the rest of the old town.

In England's Midlands, the entire city is located in a flood plain with the Rivers Cherwell and Thames running through it. Cherwell branches off from the River Thames at Hellidon and re-connects on the other side of Oxford. In and around Oxford are living trees and forested areas filled with evergreen and hardwood trees.Oxford University. Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Like much of the British Isles, the climate is maritime and experiences mild temperatures most of the year. Normal summer high temperatures are 21 degrees Celsius. Winter lows seldom reach below 1.4 degrees, and just under 650 millimeters of rain falls yearly.

First settled by the Saxons in the early 900s AD, and the settlement was named for the local ox fording spot across the river. Still, the Normans overtook the settlement in the mid-1000s, and they built the castle under the direction of governor, Robert D'Oly, who dedicated the fortress to a monastic group of monks instead of using it for a military stronghold. The schooling of the monks was the start of higher education in Oxford. In the 1100s, the university was formally started and the early school buildings were built.

Besides the university, publishing and manufacturing have helped the city remain successful through a stable and growing economy. The manufacturing of cars has grown since its beginning in 1910 with Morris Motors. Oxford's suburb Cowley is where Mini cars are built. However, the university and research has always played a part in bringing in revenue to the city. Tourism has also been a growing industry in this historic university town.

The beautiful city of Oxford is a wonderful place to visit today. Those who come to Oxford should definitely tour at least part of the university, like one college such as the small Exeter College and hear one of the chapel choirs. The chapel is exquisite in Gothic Revival of the Victorian age. Then, one or two of the museums in the city should be on a visitor's itinerary like the Museum of Oxford.