Cambridge, England

When you hear 'Cambridge', automatically you think of the University. Just 60 miles from London, Cambridge, England is a very picturesque town with a bustling cultural scene, pubs and cafes, river. The University dates back to 1209, when it was founded by scholars trying to flee persecution in Oxford during a period of fighting over the separation of church and state. Subsequently, a great tradition of deep and unconventional thinkers was born at Cambridge. The University saw such men as the theologian Erasmus, first Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer, and William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English, come through its ranks. Cranmer and Tyndale were later executed during the Reformation for their ideas. Isaac Newtown, Francis Bacon, and Charles Darwin were great thinkers who attended Cambridge during the Enlightenment. Cambridge also produced many wonderful writers including Sylvia Plath, Salman Rushdie, EM Forster, and Douglas Adams.Cambridge, England

The University has many majestic buildings and beautiful gardens. The most grand and oldest is Kings College. Visit its enormous chapel, stained glass windows, and painting by Ruben. Clare College is the second oldest college at Cambridge, founded in 1326, and is situated right along the River Carn with beautiful English gardens.

The town itself has a significant place in British history. Cambridge was a headquarters during the English Civil War for the Eastern Counties Association. Fortification of the town's castle took place during this time. In the 19th century, the town grew rapidly and its boundaries extended, with the addition of the railway in 1845. During the Second World War, Cambridge was an important defense center for the east coast.

The town derives its name from the River Carn, which runs through it. Boating is major sport in Cambridge. Each college has its own boathouse along the river. Shallower parts of the river are used for punting. Cambridge's city center has many historic buildings, pedestrian-only streets, and large greens. Cambridge is situated in a low-lying inland area, and in the driest area of England. You can connect to Kings Cross Station in London every half hour by train, and Cambridge also has a second railway station due to open in 2015.

Cambridge has a lively theater and music scene. The band Pink Floyd is from Cambridge. Several notable festivals take place during the summer months – an 8 week long Shakespeare Festival, the Midsummer Fair, dating back to 1211, and the Cambridge Folk Festival, one of the largest folk festivals in the United Kingdom.