Bristol, England

A visit to Bristol, England opens up the eyes of travelers each year. Most people have never witnessed such a breath-taking landscape for a city as the one they see at Bristol. From the bridge that crosses the harbor, to the mystical Bristol Cathedral, the city has plenty of beauty in store for the adventurous traveler. Bristol checks in as England's sixth most populous city, with a population of roughly 1,100,000 residents. Because of its proximity to the waters, Bristol has been a major city in England for a long time. The history embedded into Bristol's character is unmistakable.Bristol from Redcliffe Bridge, Bristol, England

One of the best attractions available for visitors to Bristol is the gigantic food festival held there each year. Going to the festival proves to be a great idea once you try many of the delicious cuisines offered there. You can find foods from so many different countries that you would have a stomach ache if you ate from all of them. Eating different foods from various areas is a great way to exposure yourself to new cultures that you may not be too knowledgeable about. Your experiences in Bristol can be fun, rewarding, and educational for the rest of your life if you choose activities such as the food festival.

If you're looking to get in touch with your artistic side, don't hesitate to head over to The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. You can take your pick for your viewing pleasures as you're presented with Chinese ceramics, archeological discoveries, natural history, local glassware, and more arts. Each exhibit is displayed in stunning definition for maximum authenticity. Spending the day browsing some of Bristol's greatest arts collections will help you to broaden your cultural and entertainment horizons. You will leave the museums with a more complete sense of what marks beautiful art, and your tastes will forever be altered from your experiences there.

The architecture of the city of Bristol is to die for. Among the numerous examples of stunning buildings, you'll find some surviving pieces of Bristol Byzantine, which was an architectural style completely original to Bristol. Buildings from many other periods of European architecture can also be found in the city, and you can even choose different hotels and lodging accommodations based on different examples of buildings. Large mansions in Tudor style surround the outer limits of the city where wealthy residents live. Your trip to Bristol will invigorate your sense of adventure like few other places can.