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Cajamarca, Peru


 Cajamarca is a city found in the northern highlands of Peru, South America. It is located in the Cajamarca region, where it is the capital. The city is close to 9,000 feet above sea level and is home to more than 135,000 people. The climate in Cajamarca is equatorial, which means visitors and residents experience weather that is typically sunny, mild, and dry. As a result, the soil is typically very fertile. The city has become famous to visitors and tourists for its dairy and cheese products, as it produces many different kinds and in many different quantities each year.

 Cajamarca has also become famous for the churches that line the city, as well as the hot springs in the heart of the city, which are also known as Inca Baths, in reference to the ancient native people who used to inhabit these lands. In addition, there are numerous active mining sites in Cajamarca and in surrounding regions. However, despite each of these current attractions, the primary claim to fame held by Cajamarca is its location as the site where the ancient Incan Empire met its end in history. This was where the Battle of Cajamarca took place as well as where the Incan emperor Atahualpa was captured and murdered.

Plaza de Armas Cajamarca, Peru

 The history of Cajamarca dates back more than 2000 years. At historic archaeological sites including Kuntur Wasi and Cumbe Mayo, it is possible to view traces of ancient cultures in the region. However, the Incan empire under the rule of Tupac Inca captured the area and conquered it sometime between the 1460s and 1470s, which made Cajamarca Incan territory until around 1532, when the Incans under the rule of Atahualpa were challenged by the Spaniards under charge of the Spanish conquistadors. Over a series of months, the city fell under complete control of Cajamarca and the Incan emperor was executed, which marked the beginning of the end of the Incan empire.


 Today, Cajamarca is classified as a Historical and Cultural Heritage site of the Amercas, and was classified as such by the Organization of American States in 1986. There are two universities in Cajamarca: the National University of Cajamarca, which is public, and the Universidad Privada Antonio Guillermo Urrelo, which is private. There are also four branches for other universities in the city, as well as one of the oldest high schools in Peru: Colegio San Ramon.

 Transportation in Cajamarca occurs through the Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport, which hosts the airlines of LAN Peru and LC Busre, both of which travel to Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport. In city travel is also accomplished through a set of major bus lines, including Cruz del Sur and Transportes Linea. There is a proposed railway to connect a port on the coast of the Pacific ocean to mines in the region, but this is not yet operational.

 One of the biggest cultural celebrations in Cajamarca is Carnival, an annual celebration where the citizens of Cajamarca as well as Peruvians from all over the country appear in order to celebrate the start of the Christian holiday Lent. People can celebrate Carnival through pageants, parades, and the throwing of paint.

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