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Andros Island, Bahamas


A most unprecedented natural wonder, the Andros Island, Bahamas remains the largest and most tranquil island of the Bahamas. Secluded and surrounded by a myriad of coconut palms, white sandy beaches, island habitat, a dazzling view of the turquoise ocean waters of the Caribbean, one can walk for hours on these romantic beaches and rarely come upon another soul.

With the children splashing about in the calm, crystal-clear waters, adults can enjoy the beach by swimming, relaxing in the sun, or just floating on rafts. However, for the more adventurous type, activities are plentiful, such as diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, bonefishing, as well as deep-sea sport fishing.
Bahamas Reef Life

While Andros is the largest of the Bahamas Islands, it is actually comprised of three major islands: South Andros, North Andros, and Mangrove Cay. Home to the Andros Barrier Reef, the third biggest barrier reef in the world, divers and snorkelers have been visiting Andros for years to experience the fascination and beauty of its reefs. With some 2,300 square miles, the Island of Andros is probably the largest tract of unexplored land in the Western hemisphere and caters to only about 10,000 residents. With the shallow water flats of the Great Bahamas Bank on one side, and an indomitable barrier reef on the other, Andros remained unnoticed for numerous years from any potential development.
Map of Andros Island Bahamas
Once inhabited by the Lucayan Indians, the history of the Island of Andros has been traced back to pre-Columbian times. Known as the invisible people, the early dwellers of Andros painted themselves with a special type of mud composed of a blue-green algae discovered on the island. They became invisible in sunlight, and only visible under ultra violent light. The Europeans, once on the island, could only see evidence of inhabitants, but could not see them.

The discovered Island of Andros was first named La Isla del Espiritu Santo, meaning the Island of the Holy Spirit as designated by the Spanish in 1550, while looking for slave labor. They referred to the island by that name, at the time, because of its immense forest and network of land and water creating one of the more mystical landforms in the Caribbean. Andros is blessed with ample fresh water. Every day, close to 7 million gallons of water are delivered to Nassau from North Andros. The collected rainwater from the underground caves and tunnels forms a fresh water lens that sits on top of the salt water.


More than 40 species of wild orchids, as well as local and migrating birds and butterflies populate Andros. The Caribbean Flamingo, the national bird of The Bahamas, is seen mostly in the salty lagoons or mudflats. Other wildlife comprises of land crabs, wild boars and iguanas. In addition, Andros Island offers occupations such as farming, fishing, boat building, woodcarving, and straw work.

Whether looking for a great place for a honeymoon, wedding, bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, or just a laid-back getaway, Andros Island is the perfect destination.



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