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Andahuaylas, Peru


 At 9,600 feet (2,962 meters) into the Andes, Andahuaylas, Peru is a high altitude prairie of colored clouds. Beautiful meadows and excellent farmland make this an idyllic place. The capital of the Andahuaylas Province is the city of Andahuaylas named for the copper colored clouds that drift through the area. It has a population of about 34,000 inhabitants and grows, what some consider, the best potatoes in the world.

 Simon Bolivar himself decreed the Province of Andahuaylas on June 21, 1825, but the foundations of the city go back to 1533 when Francisco Pizarro passed through on his way to Cuzco. On November 7, 1533 he named it San Pedro de Andahuaylas, but its history far predates its Western name.

 There are cave paintings dating from 12,000 years ago as well as human remains. Around 6000 BC agriculture was flourishing with potatoes and corn. Livestock was domesticated and villages formed and the first demonstrations of pottery are found from the end of this period. At this time, constructions of a religious nature were built and the Compicancha cave paintings were created. In the district, there are at least five caves and caverns with paintings and signs of human habitation. Golden objects have been found in the area from roughly 2000 BC which show they had a complex society with specialization’s of work.

Laguna Pacucha, Andahuaylas, Peru

 There is a Huaca, or special place of nature such as a waterfall, spring, amazing configuration of stones or high peak where mortals and deities meet, dated from 2000 BC, near the city. It is still visited today by the locals for a series of rituals. Andahuaylas is a treasure trove of pre-Columbian history and natural beauty.

 Another pre-Columbian site is a few kilometers from Andahuaylas in the town of Usma. There are 36 carved stones in a position that can determine the time of day. There is also rock art very near by.


 Natural wonders include Qoneqpuquio, a modern pool filled with carbonated warm spring water and the Stone Forest Panicle. Away from the cyber cafes and European culture of the city, 150 km south are stone pillars that appear to be teepees. When you walk among them it is like a fantasy world or an alien planet. Some farmers have built their homes under the cone shaped stones. No one knows how they were formed. Some think they are a natural formation from wind erosion, some think they are pre-Hispanic constructions and some think they were made by extra-terrestrials. Closer to the city is Lake Pacucha, 16km away with pristine turquoise water and an abundance of water fowl.

 For the adventure seeking travelers the Chicha watershed is part of a geological fault. A raging river in the valley far below is a good place for rafting, trekking, para-gliding and climbing. You will see many woolly horses galloping over the plains. They each have an owner, but they are let free to run and are only rounded up for branding. There are 14 villages in the area and each one owns about 1,500 horses.

Traveling to Andahuaylas? you will most likely becoming by air, Andahuaylas Airport is a short 30 minutes from the city center and offers easy connections to Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport.


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