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Abaco Islands, Bahamas


 The Abaco Island Bahamas, resting in the northern Bahamas, are considered to be the top destination for sailing in the entire world thanks to the areas calm seas, beautiful islands, quaint colonial towns, and tempting array of restaurants, bars and shops. In addition to world-class sailing, the Abacos boast miles of pristine beach, top-notch diving and fishing, and three incredible golf courses all in the area. The Abacos provide a tantalizing blend of seclusion and tourist-friendly civilization, all amidst a backdrop of jaw-dropping beauty and are perfect for family, romantic or even solo excursions.

 The Abaco Island Bahamas were inhabited chiefly by Arahawk and Carib Indians until 1783 when the islands entered the world's historical narrative as a footnote. During the American revolution, over 600 loyalists left New York for new, virgin land, and relocated to the Abacos and founded the settlement Carleton. The loyalists had lofty dreams for their new home, and for a short while, the economy and population enjoyed a surge. However, animal pests and soil depletion took a toll on the fields after a few years and much of the new population left, leaving equal numbers of loyalists and black slaves. Through the 1800's, the island's economy centered on shipbuilding and repair until the wood resources were depleted as the soil had been before. In 1970, there was a failed attempt to start a socialist utopia on the islands, making it dependent by a member of parliament, which flopped due to lack of interest from the British government as a whole. Today, there is still a strong strain of English loyalism present in the islands character, opposed to independence for the Bahamas.
Hopetown Lighthouse Abaco Island Bahamas
Map of Abaco Islands Bahamas


 For tourists, as mentioned above, the assortment of activities on the island is staggering. TheAbaco Island Bahamas has many exotic bird species and offers wonderful bird-watching expeditions, there are day spas for pure relaxation and rejuvenation, there are dance clubs and pubs for those drawn to the nightlife, and depending on the time of visit, several regattas and festivals on the island that provide local flavor and fun for the entire family. For pure, unguided nature immersion, the Abaco Islands boast lush forests and incredible coral reefs. The island thrives on a balance between the tourist-catering and natural and the climate remains between the mid seventies and mid eighties the entire year-round, which is pretty hard to beat.

 Again, for any sort of vacation the Abaco Island Bahamas have activities to offer, all in an environment of staggering natural beauty.



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