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August 10th, 2013 

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Travel and Explore Taiwan


                               The Beautiful Land of Taiwan


 Separated by water and surrounded by beauty, the Island of Taiwan on the Continent of Asia is home to many landscapes. Tropical weather conditions contribute to the diverse terrains found there, and allow for many different types of attractions to please visitors.

 Evidence shows that people have been living in Taiwan for thousands of years. About four-hundred years ago, Europeans landed in Taiwan, which was at the time was home to a kingdom made up of several different Taiwanese Tribes. This kingdom, known as Middag, lasted until 1732. Since then, they have been ruled by different Dynasties and Kingdoms.

 Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, hosts many different season appropriate festivals throughout the year. From flower festivals in the spring to boat festivals in the summer; Taipei offers attractions for everyone. Food, arts, and different things found in nature are all included in the various Taipei festivals. If you want to shop for some genuine Taiwanese merchandise, you will have the opportunity every weekend at The Weekend Jade and Flower Markets. Here you will find authentic jade jewelry, paintings, books, and many things to look at.

 The Yangmingshan National Park is a favorite place for both tourists and Taiwan locals. This park is the one of the best examples of the different land types that Taiwan has to offer. Close to Taipei, it is an ideal spot for visitors, as they can visit the capital city and this natural land of beauty. Yangmingshan National Park offers grassy plains to enjoy, great hiking trails in the mountains, and hot springs to bathe in. If you enjoy Yangmingshan, there are more to visit! It is only one of the seven national parks that Taiwan has. If you continue heading down the hill from Yangmingshan, you will run into the area of Peitou, home of what may be the best hot springs in Taiwan.


 A drive to the southernmost tip of the island, Hengchun Peninsula, will take you past mountains, coasts, harbors, and rice fields. Because Taiwan is so small, no matter where you decide to stay, you can make trips to most tourist destinations in one day. While making these drives, you will pass by much forest land. Slightly more than half of Taiwan is covered with forests filled with different types of trees depending on the area.

 Taiwan is a land rich with history and culture. The whole family will enjoy visiting this enchanting place, so plan your vacation today.

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