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Porto Alegre, Brazil


 One major stop on any trip to a foreign country should be a major metropolitan area. Major cities give tourists a taste of the highest technological and urban advancement a particular country has accomplished. When traveling in Brazil, one needs look no further than Porto Alegre for such an experience.

 The capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre is Brazil’s fourth largest metropolitan area. The city is alive with industry, technology, and culture. Porto Alegre is state capital with the highest quality of life, highest literacy rate, one of the wealthiest cities in Brazil, and is also considered to be the city with the most beautiful women.

 Porto Alegre was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores in Portugal. The city was also a destination for many immigrants in the late 19th century, particularly from Germany, Italy, and Poland. In fact, the majority of the citizens of Porto Alegre are of European descent.

 Like any bustling metropolis, there is plenty to experience in Porto Alegre. The Central Public Market is home to over 100 different shops, restaurants, and fresh food vendors. Redemption Park is a fantastic place to spend a day. It features 45 monuments and sculptures of historical and cultural significance. The park also has a small zoo, and an amusement park. Every October, Porto Alegre hosts a massive book fair called the Feira do Livro. At this fair hundreds of publishing editors come to sell their books. It is possible to find very popular or rare books at fantastic prices. Porto Alegre also has a large botanical garden, which about 725 different plant species. The Natural Sciences Museum is housed inside the botanical garden.

 The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul is one of the largest federal universities in all of Brazil. It is considered a center for the study of paleontology, and as such Porto Alegre is a perfect place to see many rare fossils, particularly from the Triassic period.



 One of the most famous attractions of Porto Alegre has nothing to do with the buildings, culture, or attractions. It is said that the sunset over the city’s main river, Guaíba is a breathtaking experience. The sunset can best be seen from the western side of the city from the fifth level of the Gasometro building. If partaking of this experience during Brazil’s winter (around July) additional clothing is recommended, as winds can be very strong.

 Porto Alegre features very hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures can often stay in the 90s during the summer, and usually range in the 50s and 60s in the winter. Rain is frequent throughout the entire year, making for a very humid climate.

 There is so much to do, see, and experience. Be sure to make Porto Alegre a part of any Brazilian adventure.






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