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August 10th, 2013 

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Travel and Explore Amazing Philippines



 The Philippines is an excellent destination for an adventurous vacation. Made up of literally thousands of islands, it is a tropical paradise with beautiful scenery and a wonderful culture to explore for travelers. From its colonization by Spain in 1521 through World War I and World War II the Philippines has grown into a self governing nation open and welcoming to tourists from all around the globe. The Philipino culture has elements taken from Spain, America and Asia that have blended together throughout the country.

 The landscape is lush and green. The island chain is mainly created from volcanic activity and the varied landscape includes cliffs, beaches and hills with thick vegetation. In and among the island chain there are thousands of beaches, some virtually untouched by man. Manila is the largest city and the capital of the Philippines. The larger islands hold the larger cities and the majority of people. There are approximately 12 million Phillipinos living on the islands. There are many spots to go scuba diving and spelunking. There is an amazing number of birds and indigenous animals to see in the Philippines. There are many cities in the Philippines that can draw your interest, and for a vacation, there are some parts of the Philippines you have to visit. I highly recommend Cebu, Boracay Island and Siquijor for a starting three destinations.

 Cebu is a modern city with modern conveniences. The second largest city in the Philippines also has a large number of parks and beaches for a relaxing retreat from the big city. There is a lot of interesting history that visitors can discover throughout the city and no two visits will be the same.


Boracay Island is a paradise to experience for yourself. The beaches are pristine and the night life is
incredible. Water sports are very popular along the stretches of white sandy beaches. You have three "stations" to choose from when selecting your hotel. Each station has a particular atmosphere. Find your niche between the upscale and quieter resorts, the beachfront partygoer hotels or the off the main drag hotels.

 Siquijor is also known as the isle of fire. The history of the island has become associated with magic and mysticism. The reality is that there are beautiful beaches, forest to explore and even a cave or two to discover. Mount Bandilaan is the mountain in the center of the island that you can take a tour of.

 Taking a trip to the Philippines is taking a different vacation every time you go. There are tons of things to see and do and all sorts of new and unique experiences you can only have with a trip to the Philippines.

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