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Port of Miami
Miami Florida

Discover Miami

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 Cruise Capital of the World, The Port of Miami has held that name for over 10 years, also known as The Cargo Gateway to the Americas. The Port of Miami is one of the United States major seaports. Locate just 5 minutes from Miami center on Dodge Island has helped make the port an economic powerhouse for Miami as well as Florida.Port of Miami

 Home to the largest group of Cruise companies, the Port of Miami has taken on the name “Cruise Capital of the World”. Accommodating the largest cruise ships, the port has six passenger terminals that can handle the 18 cruise ships that call Miami home and move the more than 4 million passengers setting sail for Caribbean, South America and other world destinations.

 Cargo is the number one contributor to the economic engine of The Port of Miami, with 50 % of its cargo headed for South America and the Caribbean, The Port of Miami has also taken on the name “Cargo Gateway to the Americas”.  Facilities to accommodate refrigerated containers, six gantry wharfs equipped with 12 gantry cranes and 7 “roll on” “roll off docks” moving more than 9 million tons of cargo each year  has made The Port of Miami the 7th largest cargo port in the United States.

One of only a handful of major world ports handling both cargo and cruise ships, The Port of Miami contribute almost 12 billion in economic support for Miami and Dade County. Employing almost 98,000 workers between cargo and the cruise industries the Port of Miami is one of the largest employers in the Miami area.

Easy access to the Port of Miami has helped in the continued growth of the port. Just 5 minutes from the Downtown area of Miami, 15 minutes to Miami International Airport and just minutes away from world famous beaches have made The Port of Miami ideal for passengers arriving and leaving on cruise ships. Located just 5 minutes via Port Boulevard and a short bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway, Interstate I-95 has given the port easy access for cargo movement into the interior of Florida as well as the southeastern United States.

With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean thru Government Cut, the Port of Miami has become a major player in cargo moved from the Americas to Europe and Asia. The Port of Miami is also the closest port in North America to the Panama Canal.

Looking towards the future, The Port of Miami is in the midst of a 250 million dollar renovation and expansion program.


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