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San Jose, called Chepe by locals, is Costa Rica’s hub. It is not only the capital, but the economic and cultural center as well. Nearly one third of the country’s population lives in or near San Jose, and even more in nearby cities. Many visitors use San Jose as a gateway to the country’s natural wonders, since the urban area is only a short drive from the geological and biological attractions that draw many visitors to Costa Rica. The unique ecosystems of the mountaintop cloud forests are only a day trip away. So is Irazu Volcano National Park, with its eerie moonscape extending above the cloud cover. Manuel Antonio National Park with its gorgeous beaches and its four species of monkeys is only about eighty miles from the capital.

City View of San Jose Costa RicaBefore Europeans came to the Americas two great empires dominated the hemisphere. The intersection of the cultural influence of Aztecs and Incas lay in what is now the nation of Costa Rica, just north of the Isthmus of Panama. The country remains urbane and cosmopolitan even today. Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in the region. It abolished its standing army in the middle of the twentieth century and today hosts the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The capital, San Jose, hosts a large expatriate community, and short term tourists flock to the city for its natural beauty, cultural opportunities and delightful entertainment.
Possibly the most distinctive attraction in San Jose is the Museum of Precolumbian Gold located in an underground structure beneath the Plaza de la Cultura. For a more modern take on precious metals, visit the Coin Museum in the same building. The most extensive collection of American jade in the world is housed in the Jade Museum. History buffs will be fascinated by the National Museum, and art lovers will appreciate the Museum of Costa Rican Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art. For a more unusual but equally fascinating display, check out the Museum of Criminology.

After the indoor attractions many visitors choose to enjoy Parque la Sabana, a reclaimed airport with trails, an artificial lake and an assortment of playing fields. Others seek out the shopping venues of Barrio Amon or the Avenida Central. Many of San Jose’s best restaurants are conveniently located in these same neighborhoods. After dark locals and visitors alike enjoy the El Pueblo entertainment complex or the dance floors of Los Yoses or San Pedro.

Costa Rica is located deep in the tropics, less than ten degrees of latitude from the equator, but San Jose’s 1000 meter elevation and the prevalence of mountain breezes means its temperature is mild enough to enjoy the whole year round, although from May until November the Costa Rica weather is quite rainy. At any time of year a few days spent in Chepe make a great vacation and a priceless introduction to the real Costa Rica.

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Welcome to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known by the beautiful landscape and the warmth of its people. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean this Central American country covers only .03% of the worlds land but has over 6% of the worlds biodiversity.

Whether  this is your first time to Costa Rica or you are a multi time traveler and you almost feel like a local (Tico) there is still much that the country has to offer. White sand beaches of Manuel Antonio to the volcano of Arenal, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

If you are looking to explore more of Costa Rica, there is no better way than with a local tour guide. Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures  has put together a list of local tour guides that know the in’s and out of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Tour Guides and Operators

Costa Rica-Tony Tours Tony Tours welcomes you to Costa Rica with certified private guide and  driver service. With this certified transportation, you can relax and  enjoy all the wonders of the rain forest, the volcanoes and the beaches. Costa Rica truly has something for everyone

Costa Rica Tony Tours

Tony Tours welcomes you to Costa Rica with certified private guide and driver service. With this certified transportation, you can relax and enjoy all the wonders of the rain forest, the volcanoes and the beaches. Costa Rica truly has something for everyone.

Costa Rica Tony Tours offers escorted travel through Monteverde, approximately four hours from the Central Valley. This destination is best known for its ecotourism and the Reserva Biologica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde as well as several other reserves illustrating varied mountain and tropical biodiversity. Other accompanied travel includes Arenal and Poas volcanos, the La Paz waterfall, and one of Costa Rica’s delightful secrets, Rio Celeste. Called the Light Blue River, Rio Celeste is encompassed by rain forest, waterfalls and hot springs; volcanic chemical reaction of sulfur mixed with calcium carbonate is responsible for turning the clear water blue. Tony Tours also offers guide and driver service to Cano Negro Wild Life Refuge while moving down the Rio Frio through a number of canyons to Cano Negro Lake. Expect to view howler, spider and white-faced monkeys, as well as caimans, turtles and Jesus Christ Lizards. You may even see freshwater sharks knifing through the river’s surface.

Tony Tours, in conjunction with his certification and Costa Rica’s laws, also provides airport transfers as well as day tours, week-end getaways or up to a two week journey through cities such as San Jose or the flora and fauna of the countryside. Although Costa Rica is a small country, it provides adventure and wild beauty in tropical rain forests and in the mountains with hiking and climbing. There is also surfing and sport fishing. Each of these destinations can be affected by Tony Tours.

Tony with Pete of "Beachcomber Pete" and wifes

Since Costa Rica is technologically advanced, it has become a medical destination for those who wish to combine vacationing and health care. With more than ten years of experience in vacation tours, Tony Tours can assist in facilitating these medical vacations with airport pick up and private transfers. Good service is the goal whether visiting the city, the countryside, the beach or the hospital.


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