Nosara is a city in Costa Rica which is located right on the coast of the Pacific ocean. It is part of the Guanacaste region, which was once part of Nicaragua and has a unique spirit of independence and a rich cultural history. The city of Nosara is a beautiful reflection of this area with spectacular scenery and many activities to enjoy.

Although in the past, large areas of land in Guanacaste were deforested for cattle pastures, today Nosara’s surroundings have returned to a lush tropical forest and the city of Nosara is the picture of responsible development. Although it has many homes, it gives off a feeling of isolation at the same time. As a result of the Nosara Civic Organization’s vigilant protection of the environment, Nosara boasts some of the cleanest water in Costa Rica and there are beautiful untouched beaches which provide many activities to be enjoyed by all.

Another Day Ending, Nosara, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaTwo very quiet beaches are Ostional and Garza. Nosara-Ostional Wildlife Refuge is located on Playa Ostional and is one of the largest havens for the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Visitors can expect to see turtles year-round but especially in the months from May to November. Playa Garza is a perfect harbor protected from winds, making it ideal for fishing. Snapper, tuna and mahi-mahi can all be captured only 1/2 mile off the coast.

Playa Guiones is undoubtedly the best beach for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. It is one of the world’s rare beaches with pink sand. Beautiful shells can be found along the beach. Just north of Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada is a family-friendly beach known for its tremendous powerful waves and a blow hole which is especially magnificent during the changing of the tide.

Playa Nosara is a river beach. Although the beach can be accessed by vehicle, walking is a better choice for those who enjoy a little adventure. Upon arrival there are opportunities to see ancient fishing techniques in action used by the fishermen of that area. Playa Nosara is also perfect for river canoeing.

In addition to activities for nature lovers there are modern conveniences in Nosara as well, which include banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, coffee shops, DVD rentals and internet access. Surf shops, boutiques and souvenir shops provide added enjoyment.

For those who would like to experience a pure and tranquil corner of Costa Rica with great opportunities for outdoor adventures as well as unmatched sightseeing, Nosara is a destination that will be remembered for years to come.

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is one of the three beaches in Nosara and is one of the best places in all of Costa Rica to surf. It is five miles of immaculate white sand and is a favorite spot for many to watch the sunset. Nosara began as a development of a US landowner called the Nosara Project. It is currently managed by the Nosara Civic Association who tries to balance concerns of protecting the environment with development. Nosara is located in the far northwest region of Costa Rica by the Pacific Ocean.

If you want to learn how to surf, take lessons to improve your skills, or just surf away from the crowds, then Playa Guiones is for you. The waves are almost always shoulder high or more so this has become a choice destination for serious surfers. During low tide the waves are quicker and great for short boarders.

Playa Guiones, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa RicaThere are several businesses in Playa Guiones that rent boards and offer lessons. Whether you want someone to just show you the basics or you want to work on your technique with a certified surf guru, you can find it here. It’s the only location in Costa Rica where you can have video coaching from experienced and certified coaches. The beach is so perfect for surfing that the National Surf Tournament has been held there for the last seven years and is scheduled again for May of 2012.

Another water sport that many enjoy is snorkeling. In Playa Guiones you can rent equipment for snorkeling from some of the surf shops there.

Fishing is great in Playa Guiones and because of an underwater ledge close to the shore you don’t have to boat very far to find deep water fish. You can fish from the shore or rent a boat in either Playa Pelada or Playa Garza. Types of fish here include mahi-mahi, marlin, rooster fish, sailfish, sea bass, snapper, and yellow fin tuna.

Playa Guinones is also known for its retreats and yoga classes. Offerings include private and public classes and even sessions where you can learn to be a yogi.

Other activities include horseback riding on the beach or in the jungle, boating, or kayaking. Energetic travelers might want to try the zip line that is said to be the longest anywhere. Another fun activity is renting an ATV to see all the sights that Playa Guinones and Nosara have to offer.