Liberia is a colonial city located in Costa Rica and is the capital and economic center of Guanacaste Province. Historically, it was originally set up as a colony by the United States for former African American slaves. Today Liberia is the province’s largest city, with a population of approximately 35,000 inhabitants. Temperatures in Liberia do not vary extremely throughout the year. In January the city has an average high of 83 degrees F (28 degrees C) and an average low of 65 degrees F (18 degrees C). Higher rainfalls occur from May to November with highs in October of 11.42 inches (290 mm). The largest cattle farms in Costa Rica are in Liberia and it is considered a cultural center for northern Costa Rica.

Iglesia Immaculada Concepción de María , Liberia, Costa RicaAlthough Liberia is not situated in a rainforest or beach area, it is an enjoyable destination in its own right and gives a good glimpse into local culture. Restaurants provide excellent seafood entrees from the nearby coast, there are good hotels, and it is generally a safe city for walking and sightseeing. Liberia is also considered a gateway city to Costa Rica based on its convenient Liberia International Airport. It would make a good base for day trips into other areas of Costa Rica.

For travel purposes, one should not worry about getting into or out of the city. While it may not be the largest of cities, especially compared to other North American destinations, Liberia has an international airport that connects with major cities all over the continent, places like Dallas, Chicago, Houston, or Toronto. Flights can also reach cities as far away as London, meaning that one really can connect with the entire world from Liberia. The airport is called the Daniel Oduber International Airport, and it sits to the west of Liberia, about four miles away, a short ride in a cab or a rental car.

There are several Guanacaste Province tourist destinations that are only about one hour or less from Liberia. Transportation services are widely available in the town for touring. One excellent beach area only about 30 minutes away is Playa Hermosa, with remarkable scuba diving and good kayaking, snorkeling and boating tours. To the north of this area is Santa Rosa National Park, an interesting tropical dry forest conservation area. Close to the park is Playa de Coco, well known for its restaurants and night life. About 45 minutes away from Liberia is crescent-shaped Playa Portero with a wonderful swimming beach and fresh fish in the restaurants brought in by the local fishermen in the area. All manner of ocean sports are readily available for hire in this area. A quieter option is Ocotol with a large bay and tide pools to explore. Tamarindo is only about one hour from Liberia and is a beach area known for its lovely sunsets.

With its many nearby beaches, the great restaurants and places to find food and drink, and the beautiful countryside, Liberia has something for all.