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August 12th, 2013 

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Caracas, Venezuela


 Caracas, located in northern Venezuela, is the capital city of the country. With a population of nearly 5 million, Caracas is the largest city of Venezuela. Much of the city is within close proximity to the Caribbean Sea. The environment is tropical and lush. The city is metropolitan, however. Caracas is ridden with traffic jams and other problems that plague nearly every city. Throughout the year, the average temperature is in the 70s. The warmest average temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest average temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are very moderate.

 Caracas, Venezuela has a long history of wine production. However, Venezuela is not traditionally a major wine producer because the temperatures do not vary enough to provide the ideal environment for grape production. Grapes desire temperatures that drop very low during the evenings or mornings and reach high temperatures during the day. Argentina, Chile and South Africa have the temperature variations that most grape producers desire. The temperate, yet tropical climate of Venezuela is not ideal. Yet, Venezuela produces 1 million cases of wine annually and over $6 million in revenue.

 Caracas is also supported by the oil industry. Many oil companies, corporate and finance companies are located in the booming metropolis. Under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, the country has received good publicity. Many of the neighborhoods are growing. Likewise, the neighborhoods are adding wonderful areas to be entertained and well fed.

 To obtain a view of the wonderful Venezuelan landscape and its gourmet dining, visitors should take a trip to the village of Galipan. Galipan is high above the sea level in the Avila Mountains. The sunsets are the most impressive from this location. Additionally, the blackberry juice and cuisine are refreshing and delightful. Because of the location, most individuals will require a sports utility vehicle with four wheel drive to reach the location. However, the view is well worth the trip.

 The Caracas malls are also a safe place to dine and be entertained. San Ignacio is a popular village for dining and nightlife. Many individuals go to this location to dance and drink wine. A few of the most popular clubs are the Le Club, a private club for Caracas society, Suka, and 205. La Suite is a popular lounge located in Las Mercedes. Piso 5 is another popular area for dining in Las Mercedes’s El Tolon. The tourist will find a host of local restaurants. Cuisine is very affordable, by Western standards, in Venezuela. Most of the cuisine consists of fresh fish or shell fish, steak, and tropical fruits and vegetables. Shell fish dinners may cost around $10 and steak may cost approximately $5.


 Another popular location to visit in Caracas is the Archipelago Los Roques National Park. The national park is located 100 miles off the coast of Caracas in the Caribbean. Visitors who truly want a taste of the beautiful sand beaches and clear turquoise waters will visit this national park for a variety of activities. Visitors may select to go snorkeling or diving and witness the beauty of over 280 small coral keys near this uninhabited area. After visiting this area, guests will truly know the meaning of tropical paradise.

Other points of interest include the National Pantheon, the Parque Central Complex, the Plaza Venezuela, Caracus Contemporary Art Museum, Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex and the second largest mosque in Latin America, Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim.

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