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August 10th, 2013 

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Travel and Explore Burma



 The country of Burma, officially known as The Union of Myanmar, gained independence from the United Kingdom on January 4, 1974. The government of Burma is ruled by a military junta, or a group of military officers who took control of the government in 1962. Burma holds the unique title of the being the geographically largest country in Indochina.

 Even though the nation is controlled by a military style dictatorship, visitors to the region report nothing but courtesy and charm from government custom officials. This could be in part due to the fact that Burma's tourism industry is still on the rise as the government attempts to attract more foreign visitors.

 The culture of Burma is as rich as its history. Tourists to the region are able to explorer the history and culture of the region through the various sights and attractions.

 Burma is described by many as one of the undiscovered tourist regions in the world, but it is growing in popularity amongst foreign travelers. The country has everything to offer visitors from untouched jungles, snow filled mountains, and beautiful beaches.

 The various national and regional festivals which are celebrated throughout the year including the Spirits Festival, Elephant Dance Festival, Hot Air Balloon and Fireworks Festival, and Full Moon Day. Festivals are held all year round with at least one festival every month with some months boasting as many as seven festivals.

 Burma is a country that also hosts multiple religious shrines dedicated to the various Eastern religions. Tourists are able to take guided tours of the various structures and watch certain religious ceremonies. Keep in mind that visitors to the shrines and temples will be required to remove their shoes and socks before entering, so a pair of sturdy sandals is recommended if the weather agrees and you plan on visiting a few religious sites in one day.


 For a small fee visitors can take a trip on a small boat through any of the beautiful floating gardens on the rivers of Burma. The floating gardens are small plots of vegetation floating on the surface of the water anchored to the ground below with bamboo. Locals can be observed as they tend to the gardens and harvest any vegetation that may be used for consumption or crafts.

 Local street markets are great places to pick up souvenirs and trinkets from your time in Burma. Similar to the farmer's markets in the West, these local markets are full of local vendors selling fresh food and handmade crafts.

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