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Brasilia Brazil



 This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the inauguration of the city of Brasilia, Brazil, the center of government for the entire country of Brazil. Similar to Washington, D.C., Brasilia was not an existing city, but was instead planned ahead and built specifically for the purpose of relocating the core of Brazilian government to a more centralized location within Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil up until the time Brasilia was inaugurated in April, 1960.

 Brasilia stands atop a plateau in the western central region of Brazil and is quite literally surrounded by nature, although the entire city itself is a maze of highways and buildings. The first thing that strikes you about Brasilia is the architecture. The World-famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer is credited with creating some of the most fascinating buildings ever built. In fact, the entire city of Brasilia has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

 Among the architectural wonders, you’ll find Brasilia’s Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida and the National Congress Building, the latter of which is located at the center of the Federal District of Brasilia. Both of these buildings are among the most recognized buildings in the world, the Cathedral for its unique crown-like structure and the Congress Building for its two spheres, one facing upwards like a bowl and the other facing down with two twin towers rising between them. The city definitely exhibits a futuristic look thanks to Niemeyer’s amazing creative talent.

 People visit Brasilia not only to experience the architecture, but also to learn about the rich history of Brazil and to understand what it is that makes Brazil such a magical place. Here you won’t find beaches and Carnaval, but you will come away with a deep understanding of just how resourceful and modern thinking Brazilians really are. In fact, Brasilia is considered a planning marvel for the way it is laid out, some say it resembles a large bird or an airplane from above. There was much thought put into the city’s planning design in an effort to solve many modern headaches of other large metropolitan areas around the world such as traffic jams and easy access into and away from the city.


 The climate in Brasilia is unlike that of the more northern and coastal regions of Brazil. You will experience pleasant temperatures throughout the year averaging around 70 degrees, with extremes of 10 degrees either way in the summer and winter months. Since Brasilia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, so keep this in mind when making plans to travel. You will experience the warmest weather in December and the coolest weather in June. The driest period is usually between the months of May and August.

 The currency exchange rate between the Brazilian real and the American dollar is a little less than two to one, meaning that your travel dollars in Brazil will take you almost twice as far as they would in other parts of the world.
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