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Bangda Tibet



 Like so many other cities around the world, Bangda, Tibet was established and developed for the purpose of transportation. In a country that is covered with mountains, flat ground is a rare thing that is fully used to the countries advantage, and that is exactly what happened in Bangda. At fourteen thousand feet in the air, Bangda is about as remote as any other Tibetan city, but it is actually a lot more accessible than other places and currently the site of the World’s Highest Commercial Airport.

 If you find yourself in Tibet, and many thousand travelers do every year, much of the time there will be spent getting to and from your destination. Frequent fliers joke that in Tibet, everyone is trying to get somewhere and taking a long time to get there. Because of its flat perch in the mountains, quite a few people pass through Bangda every year, arriving at its airport and then leaving for other destinations via the mountain highway.

Roof of the World, Bangda Tibet
              Photo by:Eric Finlayson Check out more amazing photos of Bangda and Tibet.

 Past the airport though, there is a lot to see and do in and around Bangda, a vibrant community rich in cultural and natural offerings. Even though it is smaller than most cities, Bangda offers very comfortable and Western-like accommodations for travelers, while still incorporating a local feel. Smaller overnight accommodations can also be found that offer a more unique stay that allow you to truly immerse yourself in the culture. No matter how long, or short a period of time, you are here, you will definitely get to witness the real Tibet and see the beauty of the country in the clouds.


 Immediately outside Bangda, naturists can hit the trails and explore the countryside and mountainous regions of Tibet. Because of the geography, a lot of the area is untouched, and rarely seen by outsiders, so a lot of what you will see is pristine and pure. Mountain trails will not only take you through beautiful landscapes, but you will undoubtedly find yourself encountering remote villages of local people whose lives are very rarely influenced by outsiders. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn and experience the lives of Tibetans as many of the people have been living in these villages for generations and hold onto many of their traditions and lifestyle customs.

 Any travel to Bangda Tibet can be a huge cultural experience, no matter how much of a globetrotter you may be. Understand that there is a lot to be seen and experienced, rather than some of the more luxurious travel that can be done in other destinations. Even if you do have somewhere else to get, do not overlook your initial destination, but take the time to explore and relax.

 Getting to Bangda Tibet has been made easier with the Qamdo Bangda Airport. Situated at 14,219 feet in the Tibet mountains Qamdo Bangda Airport is the World’s Highest Commercial Airport.

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