For those who love to travel and see history will love Castellina, Italy, a small town in the Tuscany region and nestled in part of the Chianti Hills, where the famous Chianti wine grapes are grown. This small community with just under 3,000  inhabitants is breathtakingly beautiful with lovely hills, valleys,  great restaurants, and accommodations and shopping close by.

The surroundings of Castellina and the province of Siena near Castellina are where vacation rentals, holiday farmhouses and  villas, bed and breakfast accommodations are famous around the world and provide a great retreat from everyday life.

The town of  Castellina is rich in history. One of the first settlements in the  Castellina area date from the Etruscan age, The area was also inhabited  by the Romans and the Gaels. Some of the main sites to see while  visiting this interesting out-of-the-way town is the Rocca or castle  with its massive 14th century tower and includes a small Etruscan  museum.

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View the fresco of Madonna with Child and a wooden statue  of Christ at the Church of San Salvatore in Castellina, an early 15th  century Christian church. Although both were damaged during WWII, they  were rebuilt in the Roman style. Castellina is a century‚Ä™s old town,  which at one time was a fortress surrounded by walls and towers with  only two gates to the town. The gates were destroyed during WWII but  parts of the walls still exist.

Visit the nearby necropolis of Poggino and step back into the third and fourth century BC settlements  by visiting the Cetamura near Badia A Coltibuono. Treasures from this  settlement can also be viewed at the Archeology Museum in Castellina.

Castellina as well as many of Chianti are reminiscent of the medieval era where  hamlets were huddled together close to a church or a castle keep and is  still seen in many small towns in the Chianti area.

Travel to the  Chianti hills and visit the Etruscan tomb at Monte Calvario just outside the town of Castellina. This is a sixth century BC era tomb with four  burial chambers.


The Chianti wine area includes Castellina. There are a number of wonderful  wine tours in the Chianti area that also allow travelers to travel to  many friendly market towns and ancient sites.

Lodgings include the Azienda Agricola ‚ÄúIl Villino,‚Ä? which is a working winery a few miles  outside of Castellina offering two vacation apartments with fantastic  views and a swimming pool. This remarkable winery and accommodations  also produces Chianti Classico wine and those who are interested can see the cellar and various aspects of producing the wine.



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