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Waterfalls of South America



 Waterfalls and South America can almost be said in the same breath, it is no wonder that a continent with such large areas of tropical rainforest and unbelievable amounts of rainfall would not have some of the most spectacular let alone the largest and the highest waterfalls in the world. Throw in some of the most rugged terrain one can find, Andes Mountains add water and you will find some of the most spectacular waterfalls travelers and adventure seekers have yearned to find.

Travel to the North of South America into the country of Venezuela, sitting among the jungles of the Gran Sabana one will find Angel Falls dropping almost 3,000 feet to become the world's tallest waterfall.  Venture into the wilderness of the Iguazu River bordering the Brazilian State of Parana and the northern province of Misiones  Argentina and you will come upon the river being split in 2 by over 275 separate waterfalls forming  al large U-shape almost 2 miles long, thus you now have the largest waterfall in the world. Head west to the high country northeast of Lima Peru and view the spectacular Gocta Cataracts, the world's third highest waterfall, and only brought to the world's knowledge in 2005.


 South America is home to thousands of beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, not all with world record holding names, yet just as spectacular. Whether you are looking for the largest, biggest, highest or just that tranquil, soothing small waterfall, you are bound to find what you are looking for in South America.


Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls

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