Volterra, Italy

Italy is known for its historic and charming towns and cities. Visitors to this country will find no shortage of fascinating place to visit. While everyone knows about the marvelous landmarks of Rome and the famed canals of Venice, there are plenty of hidden gems in Italy to visit as well. One of these hidden gems is the town of Volterra, Italy. Set in the stunning Tuscany region, this ancient hillside town is home to a wealth of fascinating landmarks, great museums and a vibrant cultural scene to partake in. Those visiting Italy should definitely make Volterra a stop on their travel itinerary.

Volterra is located in the beautiful Tuscanyregion of Central Italy. It has a mild, Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine year round. The town is accessible by car and bus.Streets of Volterra, Tuscany, ItalyVolterra contains a wide array of historic sites, cultural landmarks and fun events. One of the top sites in the town is the Duomo. This magnificent church contains marvelous architecture and a richly decorated interior. A must-see for anyone visiting, it is one of Volterra’s most iconic and fascinating landmarks. Another great attraction is the Porta all’Arco, a massive stone gate built during the times of Ancient Rome. Today, its stands as a monument to Rome’s glory and is one of the sites for a photo op. Nearby, the Pinacoteca palace displays some of Italy’s finest artwork and is an architectural marvel in and of itself.

Volterra also boasts a bevy of world-class museums and galleries to visit. One of the most fascinating is the Sacred Art Museum, a small but interesting gallery that showcases religious artwork. Another top museum is the Etruscan Museum. One of Europe’s most renowned art museums, the Etruscan Museum displays a wide array of Etruscan and Roman art.

The town has many historic landmarks to see as well. These include the towering Medici Fortress, known for its unusual history and grand design. The nearby Roman Theater is one of the best preserved monuments of Ancient Rome. Built in 10 B.C., this landmark offers astounding views and a fascinating glimpse at Volterra’s storied history.

Volterra also boasts wine tasting festivals, lively markets and a bevy of great shops, cafes and restaurants to explore. Those looking for charm and history in the Tuscany will find no better place than Volterra.


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