Versailles, France

Versailles, France is best known as the location of the royal chateau the Palace of Versailles, an important architectural and cultural landmark. This wealthy Paris suburb has a long and fascinating history. It has now evolved into a popular tourist destination that offers comfortable accommodations, local restaurants and a wide variety of tours and attractions.

Versailles became the unofficial French capital in 1682, and it has played many important roles in history; the treaties that ended the American Revolutionary War and World War I were both signed in Versailles. Today the city remains an active site for administrative and judicial functions.

Chateau Versailles, FranceNo vacation to Versailles is complete without seeing the Chateau de Versailles. Over three million people go to the palace each year to explore the chapel, galleries, apartments and fountains. An English language audio guide is available to explain the history of the palace following its construction during the reign of Sun King Louis XIV. Many visitors also enjoy visiting the Potager du Roi, where fruits and vegetables were grown for the court. After wandering through the old fields, including some pear and apple orchards still maintained today, visitors can taste and purchase some of the produce.

As Versailles has become a common tourist destination, visitors can choose from a variety of accommodations including affordable hotels, more luxurious hotels and even campsites. Some hotels feature an old century historical feel, and many are within walking distance of the main attractions. After a long day of exploring the museums and galleries, visitors often enjoy trying local French cuisine at one of Versailles’ many excellent restaurants. L’Resto du Roy features a variety of unusual French delicacies as well as more recognizable cuisine. The Place du Marche is another great option for authentic French dishes. Fresh meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and cheeses are available from the market, and customers can also eat at the sit down restaurant.

Visiting Versailles is most popular during the summer months when the weather is typically warm, dry and sunny. However, winters are often relatively mild, and visitors during the off season will enjoy the lack of crowds. Regardless of the time of year they travel, visitors will find that there is always plenty to do and see in Versailles.


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