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 Turkey is one of the most spectacular and historical countries to visit in Eastern Europe. Surrounded by the Black, Aegean, and Mediterranean Seas, this region offers travelers the best of both land, and sea. Abundant in historical sites and treasures, Turkey is a treat for visitors that desire to walk across ancient battlefields and lands that certain mythological entities called home. Because of its geographical location, Turkey experienced thousands of years of traffic from several European and Asiatic cultures, and boasts fine architectural structures embracing these cultures.

 When planning a trip to Turkey, keep in mind that tourism in the region is highly seasonal. The best times to schedule a visit is during summer or fall, when conditions across the country are ideal for travel. In the eastern regions, the winters are harsh and often become inaccessible entirely. Portions of Turkey that are surrounded by the sea waters, tend to offer warmer and more tolerable conditions year-round, yet Istanbul is one of the only cities that consistently offer accommodations off season.

 The people of Turkey are gracious, and embrace tourist whole-heartedly, welcoming visitors into their country with kind regards. Residents here are passionate when it comes to the pride they take in Turkey’s heritage and history, and are always pleased to share their wealth of knowledge with travelers. Turkish food is known world wide for its exotic essence, and is considered some of the finest cuisine in the world. Dining establishments in the more metropolitan cities have an upbeat atmosphere, and it is not uncommon for locals to invite tourist to join them at their table to share stories and a hookah.

 Istanbul is a vibrant metropolis, and is the primary destination for tourist within the country. Walking the ancient city walls, that were constructed in the 5th Century around what was formerly known as Constantinople, is a favorite tourist activity. To obtain a bird’s eye view of the city, consider climbing to the top of the Galata Tower, which was once utilized as a prison and an observatory. The Blue Mosque is quite spectacular and was built with the intent of being more glorious than any other structure of its type.


 The town of Canakkal is the gateway to the infamous battlefields of Gallipolli and Troy. Whether or not this was the actual site of the Trojan War, as described in Homer’s epic novel, the ”Illiad” is still hotly debated among archaeologists and scholars. The beautiful seas in this locale, are numerous, easily accessible, and are a relaxing way to spend an afternoon after sightseeing.

 Side, Turkey, a quaint town, boasts an impressive theater, which is one of the largest ruins in Asia Minor exhibiting Greco-Roman architecture. A visit to the well-preserved site of the temples of Apollo and Athena is an indulgence that mythology enthusiasts will not want to miss. After sunset, a spotlight beams upon the statues, affording them a romantic quality that has made this ruin a popular spot for marriage proposals.

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