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September 26th, 2013 

Tucuman, Argentina


 Tucuman is the smallest province in all of Argentina, but don't let its size deceive you. Within its 8,696 square miles, tiny Tucuman is blessed with an abundance of attractions.

 Its subtropical climate, combined with the diversity of its terrain, allows Tucuman's visitors to experience mountains and plains, desert and rain forest, woods and scrubs, all in close proximity. The wide variety of attractions includes modern cities and Indian ruins, museums and spas, sports and fine dining. And all this within an area that's smaller than the state of New Jersey!
 The heart of the province is its capital city, San Miguel de Tucuman. Just seven and a half miles from Teniente General Benjamin Matienzo International Airport, its incredible profusion of spring-blooming flowers has earned this city the nickname, "Garden of the Republic." Here you'll find a large selection of hotels at your service, as well as any tourist amenity you might require. Book a sightseeing tour, visit the museums, check out the university, or spend an evening gambling at the Casino de Tucuman. The several bus lines which operate both in and out of the city limits will help you get around.

 And if you're a lover of the great outdoors, don't miss Tucuman's many opportunities for mountain climbing, hunting, fishing, or camping. More adventurous visitors can even try a horseback ride up into the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

 Tucuman Province boasts a history both long and varied. The aboriginal Diaguita-Calchaqui Indians, with a culture dating back to the 8th century, were its earliest known inhabitants. These agricultural peoples held sway until 1565, when the Spanish conquistador Diego de Villarroel conquered Tucuman and banished them all towards Buenos Aires. In the most infamous of the exiles, some of these people were sent to the city of Quilmes, from which they spent the next 130 years fighting the Spanish in a fierce but futile battle to regain their independence. The remains of their settlement, known as the Quilmes Ruins, are of major archaeological significance, and stand today as one of Tucuman's most popular tourist destinations.



 The weather in subtropical Tucuman Province is generally warm. In the winter months of July through September, the temperature can go as low as 43 degrees Fahrenheit (F), but the average winter temperature is 55 degrees F. In the summer months of January through March, the temperatures average around 88 degrees F, with normal highs of about 93 degrees F. On occasion, however, summer temperatures in Tucuman have been known to reach 110 degrees F. May through September are the coolest months in Tucuman.

 The amount of rainfall in Tucuman varies widely with the region. Out on the plains, you can expect less than one inch a month, but up in the mountains, where rain reigns supreme, as much as eighteen inches a month is the norm.

 Tucuman Province may be small, but that is just one of its charms. Come and see for yourself all that Tucuman has to offer you.

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