Venice, Italy’s Romantic and Spectacular City

When one is trying to decide on a destination for a trip, he/she usually has some choices in mind. After all the research is completed, one city that many times ends up on top is Venice, Italy. A trip to this city will be a trip to remember. It is a romantic, spectacular city, with an abundance of interesting sites to visit.

San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Venice, ItalyVenice is actually made up of 117 small landmasses, all connected by bridges and canals. This city lies on the northeast coast of Italy, and is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It was first settled about 1500 years ago. In earlier times, it was important in its support of the crusades, and many treasures were brought back to Venice where they can be seen today. One historic fact that many of us learned in school is the story of the merchant, Marco Polo, who traveled from Venice to China to search for new routes for trade. Although Venice was known as a center for trade in the past, it now depends on tourism for its survival.

There are several travel options for those wishing to visit Venice. The city has its own small airport for those wishing to fly to the area. There are also buses, ferries and water taxis available, depending on the area of the city one wishes to visit. Travelers will find a variety of hotels and apartments in Venice available to match any budget.

The most common means of transportation within the city are the vaporetti. These boats are the main means of public transportation for those who live in Venice. They travel on the main canals, and allow a visitor to obtain an overall view of the city.

When a traveler thinks of Venice, a picture of a gondola slowly traveling up a canal often pops into their mind. However, this is not as common as one would think. Traveling by gondola is a romantic but expensive means of travel, and the majority of those traveling in this manner are the visitors to the area.

Venice is a city of varied attractions and most visitors will find something that grabs their attention. There are many churches in the city, and those interested in architecture will not be disappointed. For instance, Saint Mark’s Basilica is a building that incorporates architecture of both the East and West. Another well-known church in Venice is the Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Grari. The construction of this site was completed in 1338, but in the beginning of the 15th century, it was torn down to build a bigger church. The city’s archives are now housed in the convent and oratory section of this site. There are many other sites similar to these in this city.

Another popular site is Saint Mark’s Square, located in the center of the city. It is a wonderful area for sitting and relaxing, as well as for listening to music at night. However, the small shops and cafes that surround the square can be quite expensive.

One site not as popular as most but worth the attention is the Sotoporto Ghetto. This was the very first Jewish Ghetto. In the early 20th century, all the Jews in Venice were forced to live there. The building consists of seven stories, which was typical of this type of building, and is still standing today.

Venice is the site of a unique natural phenomenon. In the fall, the tide rises, causing the water from the canals to spill over their banks and to flood many of the buildings in the city. Although this might cause worry among visitors, those living in the city are used to this occurrence. Walking platforms are erected during this time in order to allow the citizens to be able to traverse through their city.

The information given above is just a brief look at Venice. So find a nice bed and breakfast or a Venice apartments and take some time to explore this romantic and spectacular city. There are many additional sites for a visitor to investigate, from museums, to ancient architecture, to walking tours throughout the city. When one’s visit ends, there are probably many places they did not have a chance to visit. The only solution to that problem is to start planning for their next visit to this unique city.


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