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Passport’s and Visas


 You've decided on your next Adventure or vacation and you are starting to put your plan in motion, one of the most important things you will need to plan for is your health, there is nothing more frustrating to get to your foreign destination to be told by a custom or immigration agent that you are not allowed in country because you do not have the required yellow fever shot. On the same line you do not want to plan a trip to La Paz Bolivia (13,313 ft , 4058 meters) and then onto Machu Picchu  (7970 feet, 2430 meters) and find that you are out of shape and unable to breath and have headaches at the high altitudes. Either situation could leave a in pleasant turn of events for a trip or Adventure that should have been very enjoyable.Beachcomber Pete Traveler Health

 The sooner you know of you travel plans you will want to start checking on vaccination or immunization requirements for your planed destination. Before you depart on a International trip you should give yourself a least 1 month preparation. Some vaccinations will take two or three months to be given in proper sequence.

An example is for Hepatitis A immunization can take up to 6 months till full protection is achieved.

It is a good idea if you take medicines on a regular basis to take enough for your trip, if you are prone to allergies it is good idea to take medication even if you are not experiencing problems now. You could be traveling to south of the Equator where the seasons are completely opposite of back home. It is a good idea to carry any medication you need in your Day bag and not in checked luggage in the event it is lost.


You should also take your prescriptions with you in the event you need to get your medication refilled. Any medication you take into a foreign country should have your name and not your friend’s name that thought you just might need this. Many of times I have seen travelers trying to explain to custom agents in foreign countries why their medication had someone else’s name.

It is also a good idea to leave your medical information with someone who is accessible in case of an emergency. Your emergency contact person should also have a copy of your medical information in case of an emergency.







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