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Packing Tips



 Beachcomber Pete Travel lightSo you are getting ready to leave on a trip , what are you going to take? What do I need? Should I check my bags or should I carry on? Last trip I had clothes that I never wore. Another trip I forgot my bathing suit.

These are several of the questions or statements I have heard over the years, it is important what is packed and how it is packed. You are spending a lot of money on your adventure or vacation and the last thing you want to be is frustrated at your destination because you forgot something or you are caring to much.Over-Packing-md

 Probably the number one travel mistake is Over Packing. My motto to friends and fellow travelers is, (if you pack it, you carry it; don’t expect me or anyone else to carry your stuff). Unless you are in the category where you are going to have porters and bellhops handling your luggage you need to take a little time before your trip to decide what you need and don’t need.

 Travelers fall into two groups: those who packed light and those who wish they would have taken the time to.

  The best way to pack is make a plan, whether in your head or on paper, look at what this trip is going to be about and plan accordantly. Once you have a plan stick to it as best as you can. A plan or a list will help so you can try and eliminate rushing around at the last second packing.


  When I go on my trips, as a pilot I have one plan for packing, another plan for vacations and a complete different plan for when I did my bike trip across America.

 Travel documents such as Passports, tickets, hotel and car reservations should be in the area of your packing. It just makes it a whole lot easier to not forget things when you are looking at the whole picture.







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