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Airport Security



The FAA has implemented strict security measures to protect passengers at our nations airports. Here are some tips to help when planning your next trip and to help with complying with the new regulations.

 It is a good Idea to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of your scheduled departure time. It is possible to experience long lines at ticket counters and airport screening. If possible to help speed up time and to bypass the ticket counter if possible print out e-tickets from your home computer or at one of the self service kiosk the airlines have set up.Some airlines have been approved for curbside check in; this is on anBeachcomber Pete Security airline to airline and airport basis. If your airline has not been approved you will need to make a stop at the ticket counter to check baggage.

Plan ahead if someone is dropping you off or picking you up at the airport, drivers must stay with their cars at all times and there is no stopping for long periods in front of the terminal.

airline_delaysEntering the secured area of the terminal passengers must provide a picture I.D such as Passport, Driver License or other forms of Government issued identification. If you have had a recent name change, such as being married, you will need to have a copy of your marriage certificate or court order. The TSA is looking to see that the name on the ticket matches with your identification. If traveling with an E-ticket you will need to have a copy to enter security. If you do not have a receipt of a e-ticket, a printed ticket, boarding pass or printed confirmation you will need to make a stop at the airline ticket counter.

If you do have one of the  forms of ticket as listed above and are not checking in baggage you may proceed straight to the security check point.

There are also provisions made for parents that are sending a unaccompanied minors on flights.

If you are boarding an International flight and you are a Non U.S citizen you will need to show evidence of admission into the United States. Evidence of admission could be in the form of 1-94, admission stamp, visas, alien resident card, etc.


The FAA has recommended that passengers be allowed one carry on bag and one purse, day bag or briefcase. You might want to check with your airline on their carry on restrictions.

Sharp instruments (knives, scissors, wine openers, box cutters, letter openers) will be confiscated at the airport security point if found on your person or in you carry on luggage.







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