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 As far as countries in the Caribbean are concerned Tobago is one that has long been a hot commodity. As one of the two islands making up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this small island has a reputation as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for many western travelers. Over its history, the island changed hands 31 times, with different European nations coming to make a claim in order to get control of its location and its thriving tobacco production industry. Because of that diverse history, the island of Tobago now has a lot to offer travelers in terms of international culture.

 Tobago is a good destination because its location puts it just outside of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean. Since it is rarely effected by storms, things are allowed to thrive there and the tourism industry runs basically unimpeded. The island itself is 26 miles long and has a total land area of just more than 115 miles. That makes it a small island even when compared to its neighboring Trinidad, but the small, intimate nature is a part of the allure of this island. Visitors who come there can experience the beauty of the island, while not being overwhelmed by tons of visitors.
Map of Trinidad and Tobago

 Overall, the topography of Tobago is interesting and somewhat typical of Caribbean islands. It is hilly in some parts, flat in others, with plenty of volcanoes and small mountains to check out while you are there. The highest peak is just under 2,000 feet and it is a prime place to enjoy wonder sight lines of the island. Many people like to come to Tobago in the early part of the summer, as the dry season is still in play before the rainy season starts to take over in late June.

 While some Caribbean nations struggle to maintain beaches nice enough to suit the needs of tourists, Tobago does not have that problem. Much of its economy and Trinidad's economy are tied to tourism, so there is a vested interest in maintain the white sand beaches around places like Pigeon Point and Bloody Bay. There, resorts line the beautiful coasts and travelers have a chance to do a lot of things. There are reefs all around the bays and the coves, so people who enjoy things like wind surfing and snorkeling are able to take in those adventures during the day.


 Those people who enjoy diverse historical experiences can get their fill of that when they get off of the beach. Most recently controlled by England before becoming independent, Tobago still has some of its English influences on display. There is also a vibrant French culture, which can be experienced even when listening to the locals speak in their distinct brand of the Creole language. All in all, this offers something of an eclectic experience for those who are smart enough to venture out into the towns enjoy the local flavor away from the tourist centers of the island.


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