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April 1st, 2013 

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Learning Spanish

 OK, so you decided to take that long put off trip, you’re headed to one of our neighbor countries to the south. Is Mexico your destination? Or maybe it’s a trip to South America? Or could it be that dream vacation to Spain? Well congratulation you deserve the trip, it was hard work saving for the trip, taking time off from your job, deciding where you are headed, planning the flight, booking the hotel, well you know, you gone over your check list, you believe everything is in order to make your trip that fantastic trip you have been dreaming about and I am sure it will be. why_gringo_jungle

Just one thing, have you put much thought in how you are going to communicate, are you going to a place where you will be staying on a hotel compound where everyone caters to your needs and speaks English? Or will you be going with a tour group that has a tour guide that speaks English and will be your translator? Well if you answered yes to these questions I am sure you will have a great time. But……………………….

seeUnderstand_mexico Would it not be great if you could understand a little of the language where you are headed? How about understanding a few of the local words, or maybe just ask some simple questions.  I am not talking about learning a whole language before you leave on your trip. I am talking about a few simple words that will help make your trip a little more enjoyable. I know from experience that most people get frustrated, use hand signals, talk loud and did I mention frustrated, I think I did, when in a foreign place and you just want to ask a simple question, like where is the bathroom, or how about, yes I would like ice with that Coke.

 Well, Beachcomber Pete has found what you are looking for. We have teamed up with Visual Link Spanish for several free online courses to give you a head start on your next travel adventure.

 The folks at Visual Link Spanish have put together this Spanish course that has really made learning Spanish easy. What is so great about this course is the folks at Visual Link Spanish have made a few of these courses free so that you might take a look, learn a few words, put a couple of easy sentences together, understand some numbers and best of all have fun doing it.

Yeah the folks at Visual Link Spanish are trying to sell you a course, after all that is their business; yet they believe in their course so much that they are willing to give you a sneak peek at their product. Not just kick the tires with a few pictures and words, they are willing to show you how the learning modules work, how you can interact with the lesson, learn and have fun.

So, before you leave on that long awaited trip to Central America, take a few minutes, learn a few words, I guarantee that you will have a more enjoyable time if you know a few simple words and phrases. Who knows, you might even get a local to smile at you, not for butchering the language, but because they know the gringo is trying.

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