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Of the many wonderful countries to visit in Europe, Spain is one often overlooked gem that offers a truly unique travel experience. More so than other areas of the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula contains an immense diversity of different cultural backdrops as well as geographic settings. From the rugged northern hills of the Pyrenees Mountains to the dusty southern shores facing Africa, Spain has a variety of different locales that offer something for everyone and allow the serious traveler the chance to indulge a lot of experiences in a small area.

 Born out of a clash of two cultures in the late Middle Ages, Spain still bares a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor it acquired during its occupation by the Moors up until the 15th century. During the days of the Roman Empire, the area that is now called Spain was known as Hispania. Since then, it's seen its fair share of invaders, migrations, war, destruction and renewal. The end result is a country and a culture with a rich plethora of influences, languages, and ethnicities. Map of SpainMalaga, SpainMediterranean SeaJerez, Spain
 Spanish culture in general is well known for being generally more laid back and relaxed than other societies and this stereotype in many ways rings true throughout the nation. Whether you're in the modern hustle and bustle cities of Madrid or Barcelona, or the more rustic regions of Cordoba and Granada, there's a certain love of life that you would be hard pressed to find just about anywhere else.

 While Italy and France have a well reserved reputation as wine meccas for wine lovers, Spain has a strong wine making industry itself and many of the most sought after vintages can be found there. If you're not interested in checking out a vineyard or sampling the latest wares, there are more than enough museums and monuments to keep you entertained. From the Islamic fortress of Alhambra to the medieval town of Toledo, the architectural wonders of Spain are a testament to the rich spirit of creation found there.


 Aside from the rich artistic and nightlife scenes found in cities and towns throughout the region, the Kingdom of Spain is a great place to see some of the more esoteric sporting pursuits found in the world. Everyone is probably familiar with the Matador and the bullfighting ring, but there's more to the athletic life of the country than that. Jai Alai has been a staple of the sports scene here for centuries, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona are well known as a once in a lifetime experience for world travelers.

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 Spain has carved out a unique niche in today’s modern, highly integrated global community as a place where the traditional past is still relevant, even while moving forward into the 21st century. It’s warm-hearted and generous people make any trip through the country a refreshing and life affirming experience. The best part is that with Cheap flight to Spain, even the budget traveler can enjoy a comfortable stay in Spain without breaking the bank. If you do decide to take the plunge and buy your ticket, you won't soon forget Spain and its many charms.



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