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August 14th, 2013 



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Santarem Brazil


 Santarem is a Brazilian city rich with culture and history. Located in the state of Para, between the larger cities of Manaus and Belem, Santarem is situated at the confluence of the Tapajos River and the Amazon River. Surrounded by lush rainforests, Santarem is home to approximately 150,000 people. The rivers that border Santarem are famous for running for miles downstream in front of the city, one beside the other, not mixing with each other for a considerable distance. Although the rivers run side by side, one may see a clear line separating both even as they flow as one river. They do not mix because of the speed of each river, and their distinctive colors--the Amazon's river is milky colored and carries particles from the Andes Mountains, while the waters of the Tapajos are deep blue--and are referred to as the "wedding of the waters" by Santarem natives. The sight of the two rivers draws many tourists each year, and is a unique phenomenon rarely seen outside Santarem.

Named after a city in Portugal, Santarem was once inhabited by the Tapajos Indians, Native Americans for whom the river is named. The Tapajos were agriculture-based, and had a flourishing civilization before the Portuguese arrived. Today, the city holds the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santarem, reflecting the now-Roman Catholic heritage of most Santarem residents. The Santarem economy is primarily based on mining, agriculture, and cattle. However, transient materials have become popular through the decades, including coffee production, soy plantations, and rubber tapping.


 Santarem may be reached by the rivers that border it, and tourists frequently opt to visit via cruises that dock at Santarem. Taxis then take visitors to the downtown area, or the distance may be walked without much difficulty. However, Santarem is also home to the Santarem-Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport, which is an important airfield in the Amazons, and offers frequent flights to other cities in Brazil. Visitors to Santarem are frequently impressed by the main markets downtown, including the Mercado Modelo, which hosts many shops, stores, and boutiques with tourist-friendly prices. However, the primary reason most tourists visit Santarem is to view the wedding of the waters, which is best done by boat. From a ship or tour boat, it is possible to cross from one river to the other, which is a memorable experience. Visitors can also explore the rain forest surrounding Santarem, as well as the city itself, which is often described as colorful and lively by locals. Less known features of the city also worth exploring include the Museu de Santarem, a museum, and the Santarem cathedral.

 Santarem is situated in the tropics; as a result, the weather can be hot and humid during the summer, with considerable amounts of rain throughout the year. Temperatures typically range between 75 and 90 degrees; travelers susceptible to sunburn are advised to bring sunscreen and hats, due to the rich sun exposure enjoyed by Santarem year round. A small umbrella is also useful for protection against spontaneous rainfall.
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