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Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands


 Saint Thomas is an island in the Caribbean Sea, the capitol of the United States Virgin Islands. The island is 32 square miles long, and nearly half of the population of the United States Virgin Islands call St. Thomas home. This island is the perfect mix of beach and beautiful mountainous landscape.

 The island was first settled by the Ciboney people about 1500 BC. The Ciboney were later replaced by the Arawak people and then again by the Caribs peoples. Christopher Columbus located the island in 1493. Subsequent contact with Europeans nearly decimated the Carib people as disease, fighting, slayings, and deportation took a heavy toll on the islands population.

Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
In 1657 the Dutch West India Company settled and established themselves on Saint Thomas. The island was then conquered in 1655 by the Danish. Island economics became largely dependent on slavery, for labor, and as a main trade item. The sugar trade brought prosperity to the island in the past. Today though the economy depends on tourism as their largest industry.

 Vacationers on St. Thomas will find the lush island paradise home to everything they need, and likely anything they want as well. Lodgings come in a vast variety on the island, there are vacation-condos, apartments, villa's and homes. Hotels range from family style hotels on the beach, to small quaint inns, or large lavish resorts.
Map of Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

 Local attractions range from a pirates castle, a historic church, and even a historic fort. With places like Fort Christian, the Legislative building, Emancipation Park, Grand Hotel, the Lutheran Church, Hotel 1829, and the 99 steps, there is clearly something for everyone. Nightlife on St. Thomas is definitely hopping, most hotels offer bars, pool tables, restaurants, and karaoke, some even offer shows with calypso singers, steel drums and muck jumbie dancers. If a block party island style is what you wish look for it at Red Hook. Be sure to check into Skyride to Paradise Point and Poker Haven.


 The list of things one can do while on the island of St. Thomas is nearly endless, there are many kinds of tours to enjoy such as eco-tours, taxi, boat, and ariel tours, charter excursions and bike tours. There are many other activities to enjoy, if you are a water lover you might like sailing, parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, wake boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, or fishing. If sports are your thing there is beach volley ball, golf and tennis. You might also consider whale watching, horseback riding, island hopping, relaxing at the spa, taking an art class, taking in a cultural event or going on an animal encounter.

 No matter what you are looking for in a vacation from a lavish lifestyle to take you away from it all or something a little more down to earth St. Thomas is perfect. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself, reconnect with nature and your family. Learn about the world we live in or just relax on the beach but find yourself at. St. Thomas.


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