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Saint Lucia


 Saint Lucia is an island based country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.  Saint Lucia is part of the Lesser Antilles, and is near other island nations including Saint Vincent, Barbados, and Martinique.  Saint Lucia is a small island with only 620 square kilometers of area.  There are roughly 160,000 full time residents of Saint Lucia, who have an average capita of $10,750 per person.  Approximately one third of the nations population lives in the capital city of Castries.
 Saint Lucia was first visited by Europeans around the year 1500, and was one of the first island nations discovered.  The French were the first European nation to colonize the nation, after they signed a peace treaty with native Carib people in the year 1660.  The ownership of the land exchanged hands several times. Map of Saint Lucia Great Britain first took control of the island in 1663, which offset the first of fourteen wars fought between Great Britain and France over control of the island.  Great Britain eventually took permanent control of the island in 1814, which they held on to until 1979, at which point the island was given its independence.  Saint Lucia is now an independent nation and a part of the Commonwealth of Nations.
 Saint Lucia is one of the most mountainous nations in the Caribbean Sea.  The highest point is Mount Gimie, which stands 3,120 feet above sea level.  Saint Lucia also features a drive in Volcano.
 Because of its beautiful landscape and tropical weather, Saint Lucia is a very popular vacation destination.  The tourism industry is one of the largest drivers of Saint Lucia’s economy.  There are a number of pristine beaches and resorts which provide excellent vacation opportunities.  The most popular time to visit Saint Lucia is during the dry months, which range from January to April.  Most visitors of Saint Lucia arrive through a Caribbean cruise which docks near the capital city of Castries.


 Most visitors who come to Saint Lucia for more than a day stay at all inclusive resorts which for one price include all food, drinks, and activities.  Fun filled activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, golfing, and relaxing at a spa.
 While cruises and beachside resorts are the largest drivers of Saint Lucia’s tourism business, there are other exciting activities which can be enjoyed.  Sulfur Springs, which is located in Soufriere is the world’s only drive in volcano.  The Pitons are two volcanoes which rise 700 meters above sea level.  The Saint Lucia Botanical Gardens is a beautiful garden which contains exotic plant life and holds a sulfur waterfall.


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